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"Objective: To infiltrate and observe this peculiar little island
a few miles off shore, its heart burrowed out by our ever-loving

The purpose of this addon is to give new life and style to the old, but beautiful mod "MINERVA: Metastasis", which to this day remains, without exaggeration, a masterpiece.

Now the game has HD textures and effects, updated sounds, music. Reworked almost everything that could be improved/changed.
The plot has remained unchanged except for some details that seemed strange to me.
For example, the presence of a HEV suit from the main character and a crowbar, which is given to our deversant with him on the deadly dangerous mission.
I don’t want to say that the author did something wrong, I just decided to implement a couple of my ideas to replace those that seemed illogical to me.
In this addon, the main character's suit looks like a black leather one. Also, now "combine traitors" have their own red-and-black aesthetics, which should make them more sinister and mysterious. In addition, the crowbar has been replaced with a combat knife inspired by the Opposing Force.
The rest of the game style was based on Half Life Alyx. Many models, sounds and soundtracks were taken from it.

"You may have the lives of billions resting upon your shoulders - but
still you soldier on, killing and maiming and destroying..."

An important part of the addon is the action-movie-ish look and "brutality", which should make the action scenes more exciting and satisfying. More explosions, effects and shooting.
Also, a realistic injury system has been added to the game, which makes the aftermath of battles more visible, such as realistic wounds on enemies, more blood on surfaces, etc.
If enemies are seriously damaged (for example, from a shotgun), the sounds of breaking bones, flesh and flowing blood will be heard.
Now the main character runs much faster, his hands are slightly animated while running.
Some weapons have been reworked, such as the shotgun, which now fires in auto-mode with bigger speed and impact force.

The protagonist has become more "live". Now, after serious injuries, he will breathe heavily, and with burns and falls, he will make sounds like combine soldier, since he himself is essentially like them.Even after death, the main character makes the same well-known flatline sound.

WARNING! The textures in the addon are made in very high resolution (taken straight from Cinematic Mod). On strong computers, there should be no problem using them in this mod, but on weaker computers, lags are possible. It's good that this problem can be easily solved through the settings. If you have a lot of lag, then just lower the texture (not models, but specifically textures) resolution to "medium". The problem with lags will be solved in this way.

Also, Russian (Русская) localization is attached to the mod, which not only tell the changed plot details, but also corrects some mistakes in the translation itself.

How to install?
First, you must have installed "Minerva" itself. It is absolutely free, you can download it from the Steam
Then download my mod. The downloaded RAR archive will contain very detailed installation instructions.
In fact, there is no problem here. Just copy the contents from the "MINERVA REIMAGINED" folder (it should be two folders: "bin" and "metastasis"). Place them directly in the game folder (the main one, which is the very first. It is called "MINERVA Metastasis").

Enjoy the game!

All credits to original authors whose content was used in my addon: Adam Foster, FakeFactory, Juniez, Royal Rudius Entertainment, Shadow_RUN, LambdaFox, Just Kris, GuNsHiP Mark II, Thanez, Terg500, JonnyBoy0719, MidnightDragons, alexd_stark, vertthrasher, TwoTime, The Frankster, CandiRoks, Mbbote, YuRaNnNzZZ, Volkolak, deeppurple1968, JohnnyBrown, Whynotll83, Neilz, SophieBaybey, Lapis, jQueary, MoMan08, Mbbote, OneFreeman, RizGBlue, Ahri Lover, Munancho INC., Hell Fire, Tufufig, Banahezzer, Novice Trashcan, Medved959722, Gabriel Dochev, StarFreak22, JersonGaming, Sierra Foxtrot, vldbshh, ArachnitCZ, Atle, Blackout, HammerXl, Black Stalker, Maestra_Fenix, Alfa33, havok101, BlackHoleSon, WhiteDove101, Xven, Treyarch, Atzimoova, empower1, FF97, Zerindo

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Full Version 5 comments

The purpose of this addon is to give new life and style to the old, but beautiful mod "MINERVA: Metastasis", which to this day remains, without exaggeration...

ThrowAwayAccount321 - - 3 comments

I created this account solely to issue negative feedback on another mod that I found utterly terrible, but you've managed to justify your own spot on this dump account's review and comment section!

The only thing I even need to say about this is really just:
"The plot has remained unchanged except for some details that seemed strange to me."

You took a mod that was almost universally adored for how it was created, the quality and love behind it and which got someone a job at Valve for it in the end... and said "Lol I can do better" and inserted your OC (donut steel) to play out your own vision of the story?

What about the mutually agreed upon masterpiece made you think you could take and flip it on a whim? You've just stolen two mods that aren't yours and mashed them together with a sprinkling of your cringe OC. Stop it. You aren't cool or talented. You're a hack.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 692,504 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ReverendV92 - - 6 comments

Nice, more stolen mods taken/repackaged without permission.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
tjclifford - - 186 comments

In your install instructions, you mention that the download rar file
will have two folders, 'bin', and 'metastasis', and that they both
should be copied to the game's sourcemods (?) folder(I don't think
I ever installed Minerva Metastasis into any other folder...)
So if my current sourcemods\metastasis folder has no folder named
'metastasis' in it, and I copy the one from the archive, it will
work fine ? I'm getting paranoid 'cause I like that mod quite a bit.
I still have the original archive, and I make a 7z backup of
the current MM mod to ease my paranoia.
Thanks for your work on this....

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