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DrBlizzard Author

No love for video 2 yet... check.

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HAH! I love how the Browning managed to jam when you tried to fire the first shot. Twice. In a row.

What I really wonder is if 12G darts are at all effective (In vanilla they seemed about as damaging as thrown rocks), if the Beretta is any good, if military-grade equipment is actually high-quality, and if there's any shotguns that aren't 12G. Like maybe 20G? That would be cool.

I wonder if there's a G3-type rifle. I like the G3A3. It can be a sniper rifle, battle rifle, or assault rifle. Doesn't do carbine rifle role very well, though. The G3KA4 does, though. But that one doesn't do battle rifle as well, and can't really do sniper rifle.

I like how the Makarov seems actually effective enough to be used late-game when enhanced. Where other weapons of that caliber might have more overt primary statistics, the Makarov has high durability, more all-around combat effectiveness, and little recoil. It also has little price, and thus cheap repairs.

I hope there's a Skorpion. I also hope it's a sidearm class machine pistol weapon. I also hope it's the original chambered in .32 ACP. I also hope that if the planets have aligned, it exists, and is all of those things, that there's a mod to re-chamber it to 9x18mm.

I absolutely love the fact that damaged weapons are around as accurate as fully-repaired weapons were in vanilla. Which is scary, because you can then repair them, causing them to be accurate enough to pierce someone's nipple from 100 meters away. In vanilla it was either more of a one man British musket tactic: Put enough rounds in the air and you're bound to hit a few; or a fight to close the distance and shoot them at point blank.

Hah! Apparently you can curb-stomp small crates. That's amusing. I wonder if that was always possible.

Egads! The L85 is actually accurate enough to warrant having a scope AND half decent!

There, love officially given.

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I've crossed the line this time. I got away with killing Freedom in one video, igniting a firestorm of debate about which of the two Factions between Duty & Freedom were really right. Everyone cheered me on when I wasted the bandits in the Garbage shotgun demo.

All of that changes today. Today, we show you some gameplay-changing code by Fluffy22 which increased the amount of damage NPCs take, and not just any NPCs. We're going to hit the STALKERs at the Agroprom Research Institute, and Duty at their home base. And we're going to do it as a Bandit.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the path you choose is your own. For the purposes of some good gunfights, this path is M.I.N.E.

We hope you enjoy the footage, and the "unbiased" coverage of the various factions! :)

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