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In reality, the Abakan is pretty reliable, but quite heavy and as you might know already, heavy as hell. Also, I heard that it requires constant maintenance to keep it in working condition, so a somewhat quick deterioration rate but low jam probability would sound about right.

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Sounds are terrific; even the Makarov sounds like it was actually designed to kill people now.

One thing regarding the weapon damage:

It seems like some of them still take quite a few hits to actually kill NPCs - the Abakan was a good example of this, as well as the AK-74U - while the .357 seemed to be absolutely putting fools down. I understand the .357 is a pretty damn beefy round, but it seemed to be one-shotting some NPCs while the other weapons mentioned were taking upwards of 6 rounds.

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DrBlizzard Author

Good observations, and ones I share as well. We're still tweaking damages, but overall, the direction things are moving is extremely promising.

The opening scenes with the pistols were some of my favorites, with the revival of the idea that a pistol can actually be useful.

Right now, the pistols all have high 0.7+ damage rates, which accounts for their almost universal lethality. Assault rifles are in the 0.4-0.6 range, with some hitting in 0.7 (such as the AS Val, Groza, etc.) which may explain the observed behavior. Also contributing to this is the phenomenon where Clear Sky has a guaranteed miss ratio; such as 8:10, whereas 2 of every 10 shots are guaranteed to miss due to the reality that "not every shot will land".

I am wrestling with eliminating that altogether, or potentially bumping some weapons' damage potentials up.

I suppose we'll see!

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Setakat Creator

Actually, I might have a fix for that as well.

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What on Earth happened at 1:25?

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I`am sure that this Mod will be awesome :)
Can`t wait to play Clear Sky with this Mod.

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I've crossed the line this time. I got away with killing Freedom in one video, igniting a firestorm of debate about which of the two Factions between Duty & Freedom were really right. Everyone cheered me on when I wasted the bandits in the Garbage shotgun demo.

All of that changes today. Today, we show you some gameplay-changing code by Fluffy22 which increased the amount of damage NPCs take, and not just any NPCs. We're going to hit the STALKERs at the Agroprom Research Institute, and Duty at their home base. And we're going to do it as a Bandit.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the path you choose is your own. For the purposes of some good gunfights, this path is M.I.N.E.

We hope you enjoy the footage, and the "unbiased" coverage of the various factions! :)

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