This is my first actual mod, I've worked hard to bring you this small mod. This mod adds The Lord's Room building which can be uppgraded into the King's Room and The Emperor's Room. They all bring more fertility and prestige than the other one. The Lord's Room is available for all Feudal Characters, but can only be built in the capital of that character. The King's Room is available for all Feudal characters with a King or emperor tier title. It is an uppgraded version of the Lord's room. The Emperor's Room is only available for Feudal characters with a emperor tier titlel and is an uppgraded verison of the King's room. be aware that my English isn't very good and that i might have misspelled somethings, if thats the case it will be corrected shortly

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Upcoming update


First i want to add some Historical buildings, i haven't decided exacly which historical buildnings to add but i can give a list of some which will be in the next version of the mod.

  1. Visby Curtainwall, located in the province of Gotland.
  2. Hadrians wall, located on the English border with the Scotts.
  3. The Acropolis of Athens, located in Athens.
  4. The Colosseum of Rome, located in Rome.
  5. Doge's palace, located in Venice.
  6. The Pantheon, located in Rome.
  7. Roman theater of Cartagena, locaded in Murcia.
  8. Hagia Sofia, located in Constantinople.

That's it for now but remember this is not all buildings that i will add.

bug reports and Suggestions

bug reports and Suggestions

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Report the bugs and the suggestions in here please

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Mike's Lord's_room mod v 1.1

Mike's Lord's_room mod v 1.1


This is a smal patch that fixes some of the spelling and just makes the mod look better.

Mike's Lord'sroom mod v 1.0

Mike's Lord'sroom mod v 1.0

Full Version

This is a full verision but i might put a new version out later, if i find it necessary

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