MMH5.5 is an unofficial expansion pack for HOMM5 Tribes of the East (standalone) or HOMM5 Complete. The pack will include many new adventure objects, new larger battlefields, new heroes, new classes, new specializations, new skills, new artifacts, new adventure spells, new HD textures and a greatly improved RMG with more than 60 'visualized' Templates. The AI is much more intelligent and calculated much faster. Balance is also greatly improved both for small competitive multiplayer maps as well as crazy XXXL maps with countless epic battles vs Neutrals and AI.

RSS MMH5.5: Mapmixer Utility (RC9b)

A new version of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download and will include new utility to improve maps.

Posted by on - Basic Mapping/Technical

This article will explain the functionality of the MMH55 Mapmixer Utility made by Cichy. This utility is primarily a postprocessing tool to improve RMG maps, but can also be used to process human-made maps for various purposes. Mapmixer will be included in the mod as of version RC9b.

Mapmixer functions

-Remix all the artifacts on the map
-Remix all creatures on the map and modify their strength and mood.
-Greatly Improve balance and gameplay of RMG Water maps.
-Upgrade older H5 or TOE maps to H55 maps.
-Add compatibility for Hotseat-LAN games.



Swap: remixes all creature entries on the map.

Only random blocks: only remixes 'random block' creature entries (only useful for human-made maps that has some placements that need to be specific but has otherwise mostly random blocks.

Power ratio: strength of the creatures for example 1=100%=same,0.5=50% is half strength

Neutral reduction: Reduce chance of neutral creatures (not belonging to a faction) to be placed on map. Can be left to default setting for a 'normal' result. ChanceToPlace / townsCount / (creaNeutralReduction + 1)

mixed stacks: the % of placements that will be replaced with a mixed neutral stack.

random blocks: if this is selected all creature entries are replaced with random blocks, this means every time you restart the map creature will be different but stacks are never mixed (causes heroes 3 like single stacks)

NCF: also mixes in installed NCF creatures.

Creatures mood: Affects likeliness of creature joining.


Swap: remixes all artifact entries on the map. This also fixes the artifact list to allow all H55 Artifacts. For some old maps this means it is useful to swap random blocks for random blocks only for the purpose of integrating the H55 Artifacts.

Only random blocks: only remixes 'random block' artifact entries (only useful for human-made maps that has some placements that need to be specific but has otherwise mostly random blocks.

random blocks: if this is selected all artifact entries are replaced with random blocks, this means every time you restart the map artifacts will be different. (see screenshot)



make hotseat/LAN compatible: MMH55 is a script extension and H5 does not have scripts activated in multiplayer modes (Hotseat & LAN) by default. Therefore it is required to activate scripts on newly generated RMG maps and also on multiplayer maps downloaded from the internet (which don't have any scripted content) if you want to play those in Hotseat/LAN. You don't need to do this for playing in single player. All H5.5 default maps and included maps have scripts already activated.

swap water objects: By default RMG water maps are not properly balanced and have very boring water areas, this feature fixes this by removing excessive amounts of free artifacts from shipwreck survivors and adding missing water objects: mermaid, buoy, sirens, decrepit galley, aging junk, weatherbeaten galleon, wrecked galleon, wrecked galley, wrecked junk. All ship battle sites are improved like land based battlesites for lots of exciting sea battles. (see screenshot)

swap dwellings: Replaces T1-7 dwellings with dwellings from one tier (added by author for some reason)


Updates to RC9a gamefiles (included in RC9b download)

- Fixed issues with new Combat UI, improved some textures (thanks ThGryphn)
- Improved AI aggressiveness, AI aggressiveness improves with difficulty level.
- Added optional feature to lower resources on all difiiculty levels by -10,-10,-5,-5,-5,-5,-10000
- Fixed threat level txt on ship battle sites.

- Czech and German Dialogues have been fixed and reuploaded in addon section.


As shown in screenshot some parts of UI design such as copy of first actor had to be restored to fix issues with gating etc.

Have fun!


Nice update. I have to try this someday.

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It means, that now, i can convert any map, fo example from maps4heroes to HMM5.5 maps, with all things include?

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It is not explained regharding creatures mood what is wild and what it means if you tag like friendly, that woul;d mean you would get more stacks likely to join?

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One thing I don't understand:
creatures mood

By default only "aggressive" and "hostile" is checked.
If I don't change anything, does that mean the neutral creatures' mood is always either "aggressive" or "hostile" and never "friendly" or "wild"?
Or does it only swap "aggressive" and "hostile" neutral creatures' mood, and other neutral creatures are unaffected?

Well, regardless, a great programm,
thanks and nice work.

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how do i Access the map mixer? i cant find it

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Doesn't work. Using it on a map has no effect. (It shows success without changing the map.)

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