MMH5.5 is an unofficial expansion pack for HOMM5 Tribes of the East (standalone) or HOMM5 Complete. The pack will include many new adventure objects, new larger battlefields, new heroes, new classes, new specializations, new skills, new artifacts, new adventure spells, new HD textures and a greatly improved RMG with more than 60 'visualized' Templates. The AI is much more intelligent and calculated much faster. Balance is also greatly improved both for small competitive multiplayer maps as well as crazy XXXL maps with countless epic battles vs Neutrals and AI.

RSS MMH5.5: Release Notes (RC6)

A new release of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download! Here follow the release notes with all fixes and changes.

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RC6 is released, with great thanks to Deflaktor's reverse engineering efforts RC6 will bring some spectacular new improvements, fixing fundamental balance issues between might and magic classes existing since TOE. Might classes will no longer be negatively affected by small map sizes, while maintaining magic class late game strength.

New 'Tactical' Spell Casting and balanced mass spells.

Mass Spells will now reset ATB to 0.1, while sorcery will give a 12% ATB boost per mastery level. Spell costs are adjusted to reflect true effectiveness of the spell, mass spells are more expensive.
Magic heroes will now recharge much quicker if they cast a single spell instead of a Mass Spell. For example haste on single creature resets ATB to 0.36, while mass haste resets to 0.10.


Balanced War Machines

- First Aid tent healing power is always based on hero level and now has 3 shots.

None: 10 + 5 per level
Basic: 10 + 6 per level
Advanced: 10 + 8 per level
Expert: 10 + 10 per level

- Ballista damage scaling is improved and advanced info is provided ingame.
- Brimstone Rain gives ammo cart attack bonus also to hero.


Balanced Starting Bonuses!

Resources: 5-8


Balanced Elementals

- All 4 elementals are now equal in strength, earth elemental initiative is now 9 and HP=50, fire elementals were overpowered and have their damage reduced.

-Balanced elemental summoning, amount is now multiplied by (hero level/25), only main heroes and governors can get serious production.
slave market selling price = 45% + 5% per marketplace.

Town Buildings give some more bonuses to classes that were lacking them.

- Infernal Loom gives extra cerberi to heroes without gating.
- Overlords get Defense instead of Knowledge from Hall of Intrigue.
- Assasssins and Overlords gain +1 Attack for every altar of primal order.
- Druids receive +1 spell power for every sparkling fountain.
- Wardens receive +1 defense for every avenger brotherhood.



Changes to Secondary Skills

Celestial Shield: +10 SP bonus
Mana Burst: 100% more damage
Defend us all: 1 Tier 3 per day
Eternal Servitude: extra skeletons after lvl 20 for necro heroes only.
Reverted engineering nerf, it seemed overpowered but wasn't.

Change Neutral Stacks to ANY SIZE!

The size of neutral stacks standing on the adventure map can now also be modified by any % in the H55-Settings file, be warned however that the game will lag for a period somewhere between 10 seconds or several minutes at the start of a new map during the stack modification process.
The actual time depends on the performance of your PC and the size of the map. During the process you cannot open your townscreen so you know when it is done when you can open it. The game will not lag if you keep the default setting.

This feature will offer all kinds of new opportunities, because the ARMG places lower level monsters on medium and higher level on impossible you can for example choose to play a map with many huge stacks of low level creatures or many small stacks of high level creatures. For a good balance it is probably recommendable to use very strong and then adjust the size to your playing strength.

Some tips:

Strong creatures x1.58 = Halfway between Strong & very Strong
Very Strong creatures x0.75 = Halfway between Strong & very Strong
Very Strong x1.55 = Halfway between Very Strong and Impossible
Impossible x 0.5 = Halfway between Very Strong and Impossible


- Fixed Champion Charge ability, 2 tile requirement however is broken therefore to keep things balanced max dmg is reduced by 3.
- Witch Huts know 3 more skill charts, bad guy might heroes will not get offered light magic and vice versa.
- Fixed Artifacts and estates skill not paying out if many of them are equipped simultaneously.
- Fixed more instances of artifacts not working in some campaign missions.
- Fixed bugs in AI player detection scripts for player 7 & 8.
- Fixed Whip Strike on Shadow matriarchs.
- Fixed aura of bravery and wyvern tamer descriptions.
- Fixed imp,demon and gargoyle spec descriptions.
- Fixed storm of arrows combat log info.

Enhanced chance based abilities

All creature abilities that have probabilities have now extended descriptions that give some useful examples for evaluating the actual strength of the ability. Trigger chances are readjusted for the larger neutral resistance from H5.5


Alternative Upgrades

All upgrades have been mathematically reanalysed to assure a ~99% perfect system of equally powerful upgrades with maximum variation in available tactics. Mostly only minor changes were required but there were still a few more severe cases.

Foul Wyverns: Venom 20% more powerful, Regeneration double as powerful, add Immunity to Frenzy and +5HP. (alternative was stronger)
Sky daughters: add purge (alternative was stronger)
Conscripts +1HP, Brutes +1 initiative (were too similar)
marksman: remove precise shot
Crossbowman: get precise shot with +1 tile range, +2 min damage, -1A, -1D, remove no range penalty. (more tactical and unicorn hornbow doesn't waste them)
Jousting bonus adds +3.33% per tile. (adjusted to attack primary skill)
Inquisitors: add Bravery (alternative was stronger)
Seraph: 30-70 Dmg (excessive randomization)
War Dancers +1D (alternative was stronger)
Savage Treants -2 min Dmg,-5HP (alternative was weaker)
Crystal Dragon: add immunity to water (alternative was stronger)
Titans +5 min/max Dmg when in melee (alternative was stronger)
Titans and Storm titans -1 initiative (prevents ridiculous overpowered initiative late game with artifacts)
Imps +1 growth (not enough Power rating)
Stalkers -1A,-1D (alternative was weaker, stalkers exceeded their power rating)
Blood Furies +1HP, growth same as TOE (alternative was stronger)
Minotaur Guards +1D (alternative was stronger)
Chaos Hydras: Regeneration ability is double as effective and add Immune to Slow (alternative was stronger)
Shadow Matriarchs & downgrade: no melee penalty instead of no range penalty (was buffed too much)
Mountain Guards +2Hp -1D (alternative was stronger)
Skirmishers +1 initiative and increase proc factor on crippling wound (alternative was stronger)
Bear Riders: Armoured moved to whitebear and -2 defense on Blackbear, bear roar is no longer overpowered but paw strike still very potent.
Skeletons: Archers also have 25% magic proof, warrior -1A, -3D (warriors were stronger and also exceeded their power rating)

Looking for Players

The mod is very new, but people are starting to gather on facebook, check out: Heroes 5.5 Tavern

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