Are You Dreaming About A Dinosaur Park ? Here Is Mesozoic Kingdom For It ! Hello everyone So That My First "Serious" JPOG Mod. Im Build The Mod Scientifically Accurate And Im Planned To Create DlC's.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex :

(5 Starred)

The Tyrannosaurus Rex Second Largest Theropod In The Park, But There More Tyrannosauroidea For Example, Eotyrannus But It Not To famous And That's Why Eotyrannus Just Had 2 Star.
But Tyrannosaurus Camed From Hell Creek Formation With Hypacrosaurus.
Tyrannosaurus Is The Most Famous Theropod In The Park, But Don't Forgett Carcarodontosaurus But It Just 4 Star But It Bigger Then Tyrannosaurus.

Guest - - 687,512 comments

coppy right

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

I Better Get Outta Here Of This Stupid Copy Go Make You Own Models.

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Carnage_Twister - - 10 comments

Delete yourself if you are not able to make your own mod and to find out the right formations of the dinosaurs. I do not know what others are going to do but i will never download this fake kingdom :P

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matias.wade - - 18 comments

You should probably use your OWN models for this. You're stealing from another mod.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

This mod is basically a copy if Mesozoic Revolution. I recognized the rex model since I played JPOG with that mod exclusively. This is a cheap rip off of a good mod

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PrimevalBrony - - 1 comments

All of the assets here are stolen from SpinoinWonderland and thus this mod should be taken down as other than some name changes I have yet to see any differences in models or skins etc. Plus if I wanna be super nitpicky, H.altispinus didn't live in Hell Creek; it lived in Horseshoe Canyon Formation with a T.rex cousin, Albertosaurus. Also Ouranosaurus isn't in Hadrosauria but rather Hadrosauriformes

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TheTokuSociety - - 323 comments

Perhaps not using other people's stuff that's already on ModDB unless it's public domain, that's a suggestion

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Daubeny0 - - 100 comments

These skins and models are stolen

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