The communication between MESA-7 and the Military have been cut off. You, Frank and rest of your squad (Bravo Team) have been sent in to figure out why MESA-7 got into deep silence. While you fight for the answer the Russian Corp "Vlad Corp" enter room, they thought the reason of the "monsters" was because of MESA-7. While MESA-7 was doing "The Cure" the Black-Ops stole it and claimed it as their own. While you fought inside the facility the Vlad Corp planted a nuclear bomb to exterminate all threat in the area. But they didn't know a city was near the complex, so the little disaster went bigger.

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Changed Pistol Mag
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You're welcome :) Glad to see that you guys fixed that I always hated the see through mag on the old glock it ruined the gun for me :P Looks much much better now :)

If possible could you also texture the bottom of the pistol grip to have a black rectangle about the same size as the magazine? It would be an easy way to mimic a magazine well in the grip but at the same time keep the low def look. Your choice in the end but yea. Personally it looks playable as it already is but if you want to go the extra mile :)

Kinda like this

Glock 17 with the magazine in to give you an idea of the rectangle texture size is tho make yous the same width and length as the magazine model.

Hope this helps as well :D

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JonnyBoy0719 Author

Was thinking about that ^^ More updates will come when I'm done with a few more stuff :D

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I actually loved the see through mag, but I like this too :)

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No more ugly pistol mag! :D
Thanks for Phenixtri for the good idea

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