This mod is a merge of work from some of the best modder's on the Stalker scene. The Merge mod is made up of a selection of mini-mods and other additions put on top of Atmosfear 3, Absolute Nature 3.1 (full version), OWR 2.1(extended version), Variation mod. Artifacts mod, Unreachable stash fix, Zone grenades(reward only), Bar music, Extra outfits and helmets. There's numerous tweaks such as how your now unlikely to find any high end weaponry in stashes(randomised content still) and the Underpass can be revisited, The read me includes the credit list. I've been meaning to move this from the Rus Trans mod page for some time so here it is.

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When I downloaded this mod I thought it would be something good for beginners who want a modded first playthrough without having to install scrub mods, as most "newbie" mods tend to make the game pathetic, stealing away the magical STALKER experience from the player.

I was wrong, this mod was not meant for beginners in the stalker franchise at all, random anomalies and strong mutants randomly showing up in areas where they "shouldn't" quickly made that clear, even though this mod is harder than vanilla, it still feels like it kept the core gameplay intact while adding a few new features, this mod reminds me a lot of Oblivion Lost for ShoC: keep the game intact while adding a few surprises for the player who is alredy familiar with the original playthrough.

+ This mod has everything a person would want merged together, gameplay/textures/features all into the same pack, no headaches merging gamedatas by yourself.
+ Makes the game harder, however it doesn't turn CoP into a completely different game like others do (this is technically not a bad thing, however some people want new experiences while others want an improved original experience.
+ Quite stable, I haven't had any CTDs while playing this, though I didn't really finish all Pripyat quests.
+ Random anomalies and mutants will keep the player's attention at all times when exploring the zone... You might get frustrated by holding your bolt all the time though.

Overall I would definitely recommend this mod to anyone who wants a "harder vanilla" game without feeling like it's a complete overhaul.

The mods are well put together, reminds me of SGM and misery combined. Also it reminds me of stalker shadow of Chernobyl!

The merge mod is a bit taxing on my computer well shader wise but texture and R distance is ok.


bla bla bla bla bla. Try it and enjoy.


Extremely well done mod.

Excellent mod, and great author who likes to help.

Excellent compliation of mods. Allows for necessary and enjoyable/improved tweaks (AI, artifacts, weapons, items, realism, envirenment) while keeping the intent of the developers intact. Not a complete overhaul as when the original release for the game came out it was already fun to play and extremely well received. An excellent polish on an already successful game.

Why not?


Very nice mod.


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