Men of War is probably the best ww2 strategy game on the market, but it lacks most of all one thing: a skirmish mode where you can have huge battles against an AI player. It is a shame that you have so many units available that you can rarely use in the campaigns. Battlefield mode is a unique skirmish mode, more advanced than those you can find in Assault Squad, whose objectives are the following: • Create a challenging single player skirmish with a great variety of battles. • Build a sandbox to allow inexperienced players to set up their own scenario quickly given a prebuilt map.

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Requirements and rules for faction concepts (Games : Men of War : Mods : Men of War - Global War : Forum : Rules and requirements for the concept section : Requirements and rules for faction concepts) Locked
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Jan 11 2012 Anchor

- The faction structure must be the following:

  • Each faction follows the current rules of the game: they earn resources with control points, they have 4 kinds of resources, manpower, infantry tech, artillery tech and vehicle tech plus 3 special resources, ground support, artillery support and air support. So no concepts with, for instance, Soviet Union gathering resources from mines with SCV. That's Starcraft guys :D.
  • They must have 4 Support Command trees, each one consisting of four Support Operations, plus two General Support Operations always available with any of the previous Support Commands.
  • The concept must be balanced, that is, no suggestions like "Give the USA atomic bomb wich wipes out everything on the map, or Soviet Hurrah Charge with immortal T-34 and tank guards regiments".

- You may post even a partial concept, that is, only Support Command ideas and so on.- Rememeber that not all your ideas get to be implemented in the game, this is because you may find them very cool but other people might not.

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