Men of War is probably the best ww2 strategy game on the market, but it lacks most of all one thing: a skirmish mode where you can have huge battles against an AI player. It is a shame that you have so many units available that you can rarely use in the campaigns. Battlefield mode is a unique skirmish mode, more advanced than those you can find in Assault Squad, whose objectives are the following: • Create a challenging single player skirmish with a great variety of battles. • Build a sandbox to allow inexperienced players to set up their own scenario quickly given a prebuilt map.

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Jan 11 2012 Anchor

- You should use the General Discussion section to discuss features of the mod, like control points, resources, maps, skins and so on.
- Remember that your suggestions are not automatically accepted. A full discussion is needed in order to implement the suggested features. This is because to implement such features usually require a lot of time.
- Do not start flaming or insulting each other. A forum is a place of discussion, therefore there will be a lot of people with different ideas, and yours isn't always the best.

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