Medieval Conquests is a mod set during the High Middle Ages, it attempts to provide you with an exciting adventure both in SP, & Drop-in Co-Op/Multiplayer if you wish, you can now conquer Europe with your friends or against your friends, or against randoms! Medieval Conquests boasts a dynamic factions system where the unexpected can happen, using several mechanics to determine weither the factions can rise, and a ton of other features and changes.

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This is basically a "meh" version of 1257 AD.
It has some new features, realistic animations, upgraded graphic, but that's all. Old items (some new buggy heraldic armors,), old banner textures and alot of bugs ( like ships running wild on land in the world map mode).
It needs upgrade to be playable.
Edit: Seem like things got better after hot fix 1.11, some bugs wiped out. The mod is playable now, thanks to the author.

Edit 1: After patch 1.16, everything just got worse, now even the factions menu is buggy.
- Unable to left click at some lords name from Holy Roman Empire faction menu, Kingdom of Denmark and some other factions.
- Archers and crossbowmen STILL use buggy looking heraldic armors.
- Your clones still show up in your manor if you play as a king.
- Unable to ask for permission from Teutonic order lords to vistit their daughter/sister, since the only answer you get will be: "Isma'il the Andalusian - personalityclash speech" ...u high bro ?
SoldierOFortune_PL from the review tab said:"mod seems like new version of 1257ad ,with bugs". YES IT IS.
(I gave 7 before).

Really great mod. Dind't run in any immersion breaking bugs 46 days in campaing. Only weird thing until now is that when the enemy attack me, he won't charge my army. Instead, he will just sit and wait for me to come even tough was he that attacked.

Also, Arches/crossbows are OP. They have way too much HP. You will have difficulty killing the bastards even as a knight at high speed.

Overall, I wish to thank the mods for this great piece of art!

edit: When I go to battle, I have infantary, cavalary, but only 1 or 2 arches... They just spawn as reinforcemnts when the infantary dies...


Underrate well-polished mod.


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For now just play original 1257AD
Too many bugs and moronic stuff here.

Still has too many bugs, with the storage not working and the deplomatic missions not working.

Absolutely horrible.

Every patch seems to make it only worse. Half the menus are almost unreadable or outright silly for the sake of """design""", sounds and spoken parts are broken and utterly ridiculous, gameplay "enhancements" enhance absolutely nothing and the AI got worse (somehow.)

And that's just from the top of my head. Seriously, I feel like I got tricked after playing this. But hey, they added Harambe memes, that must account for something in an ambitious mod right?

Manor system won't works fix it!!!

Listen to the Haters. This guy has taken my favorite mod and made it worse.


Simply amazing, tho I'm kinda sad that the Low Countries have been screwed up so hard :/

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Don't listen to the Haters. This guy has taken my favorite mod and made it better.

Sep 22 2016 by joey532