MechWarrior: Living Legends is a total conversion mod for Crysis Wars turned standalone, mixing BattleTech's combined-arms warfare and universe with BattleField's vast open maps and domination style gameplay.

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We are pleased to announce the immediate release of MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.5.2 public open beta. This patch incorporates a number of performance updates, bug fixes and new features.

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We are pleased to announce the immediate release of MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.5.2 public open beta. This patch incorporates a number of performance updates, bug fixes and new features as follows:

New Features

-added sv_leaguemode_commentator to disable the commentator in SA/LMS leaguemode
-Crash reporter now sends sv_servername as the player name if it is a server no profile name is set or the profile name is “default”
-Added a server messages system
-Added server-side ban system
-Added high-ping-kick system
-added server side command to list connected players and their gamespyid
-toggleIntCvar command to ease keybindings
-added Server option to log chat (sv_logChat).

Bug Fixes

-Spectators and dead players are now displayed correctly in SA
-Active ejection disabled in SA
-Repairs stop when under fire
-Fire group chain fire states are saved
-Fixed player getting a score reward for suiciding in LMS
-Scoreboard in LMS and SA is now sorted by score and then by kills
-Fixed various flash console spam
-Fixed a crash in the chat log display
-Fixed physics drain from tank wheels.
-Fixed some actionmaps still lead to weapon group input on cbill menu actions
-Aerospace Colision multipliers on wings dropped in an effort to make them land at least slightly easier without exploding
-Fixed crash caused by jump jet sound playback
-Fix possible crash on map change.
-Fixed confusing sv_leaguemode_ams handling – now 1 is AMS on, 0 is off
-Possible fix for server-side crash
-Fix Duncan talking thousands of lines at once after being tabbed out of the game for a while.
-Possible fix for autodownloader issue on Windows XP
-Fix auto-join by moving the team picking to the server-side.
-Fixed Scrolling on the map as BA throws C8.
-improved spritesheet on laser impact
-Fixed major performance sink in stats tracking code
-Attempts to improve overall tracked vehicle movement params, particularly for hill climbing performance, neutral turning and low-speed turning.
-Fixed various stuck spots and glitches in SA_Glory, TC_DeathValley, TC_Kagoshima, TC_Marshes, TC_Sandblasted
-Performance optimizations for various particle effects


-Address “Repair Tanking” exploit for repair frames and hangars adds a 10s delay after enemy hits until repairs start.
-Uziel A has now two tons of ammo, BAP and no LRM5
-Gauss rifles fixed. They no longer do any damage past 901m, even though they’re somehow travelling past that.
-Shadowcat max reverse speed reduced to something normal.
-Tightened up LBX10 spread by 26% Also decreased damage-drop-per-meter
-Increased LBX10 and LBX20 weapon C-Bill costs to reflect relative effectiveness of the weapon.
-modified Raven D: removed SXPL and one heatsink and changed medium lasers to ER medium lasers.
-Fixed ammo count for AC20 (12 -> 16)
-Shifting armour values for larger torsos on Cougar and Uziel.
-Naming consistency for Clan Small Pulse Laser, was “Clan ER Small Pulse Laser”
-Limited C-Bill transfers to 5k per minute

New Content

-New Solaris Arena Map SA_Vista, suitable for 6-12 players in Solaris Arena and Last Man Standing game modes
-Completely redone Huit. greatly improves performance and fixes huit crash
-new laser impact fireball sprite
-new AC2/5 particle effectActionmapper
-fixed conflict detection within actions in the same scope (e.g. spectator, cbill menu)
-removed coolant and radar key conflicts with aero/vtol specific controls
-added conflict detection across tabs for actions that can overlap (e.g. Vehicle over Mech/Tank?/etc)

Please use the embedded auto-updater system with your MWLL 0.5.1 deployment to pull the newly generated content. This patch is incremental and cannot be used without an existing 0.5.1 installation already present.


Wonderful news!

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Aaaah yeeesss!

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So does this now work with the Desura client?

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