The tale of Max is told again in part 2. Face your greatest fears in this complete overhaul of the brilliant franchise. Monsters, darkness, and minimal light awaits in this brilliant sequel.

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It's a piece of ****


Don't even download it. Not worth your time.



Can't wait for the third part................

So i can give it a 1 too!

this is bad and you should fell bad


9 months and it's this short? It wasn't thaaaat good but I'll give it a 3
, some jumpscares were okay, but others were pointless and expected.

Just children-play


I'd say that the custom story itself wasn't that bad, yet you didn't achieve anything, could almost not die and the fact that you clear the map in a single minute made it a quite bad map. You could really, really use some more material on your map. Just pointless things, smaller riddles or anything really and it wouldn't be a fail!

Maxx sucks horror mod!

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