Max S.t.a.l.k.e.r.Mod v.1.1 - INTERNATIONAL

by Massimo


> 0 Overture
> 1. Install
> 2. Features
> 3. Uninstall
> 4. Legal Agreement
> 5. Thanks to
> 6. SOME picture (bad in quality though !!!) about the Max S.t.a.l.k.e.r. MOD v.1.1 (in zip file)
> 7. Readme-LEGGIMI file (in zip file)
> 8. ADD ON

0. Overture

WHAT THIS MOD doesnt do!!!

No weapon modifications! (they can alterate deeply the game!!!!!)
No weapon names changed!
Because STALKER is ambiented in 2012 it is ridicolus "copy" actual real weapon (and functions) in STALKER's weapon!!!
No stupid 1.000.000 zombies and mutants in levels.

I WANT KILL 1.000.000 of monsters with my BFG and I WANT BE IMMORTAL OR ALMOST!!!

THAT IS depend ONLY by your intelligence and not by HACKING files!

Think. See. Trade. Travel. Explore. Fight. With calm :)

And have fun.

With a good weapon, in stealth, single shot - not automatic - mode, sometime, you can kill everyone without (almost :) ) risk!
But work fast with your mouse! :)


1. Install

- Go to your S.T.A.L.K.E.R Install-Directory
- Change in fsgame.ltx file the line into:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

- Uncompress the archive "MaxS.t.a.l.k.e.r.MOD" in main folder (usually "STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl" -or temporarily in other folder if you want see. Then move and/or copy there)
(unzipped Mod file has GAMEDATA folder pre-builded)
- Start your game and enjoy the MaxS.t.a.l.k.e.r.MOD v.1.1!!! ;)

NOTE: if you have other Mods, make sure there are no files overwritten by MaxStalkerMod!!!
[Or just try it mixed with other one (example: REPAIR MOD for your language, plus a change in LOCALIZATION.LTX file;
or NO ANNOYING SOUNDS mod for the SCENARIO subfolder)]


2. Features:

- CARS enabled! You can drive every car/machine in CORDON level. They are near Sidorovich and another one in the friendly Stalkers village.
Remember... they can be damaged!
Tip 1: one car before the broken railway bridge (for <<< >>> Bridge - Sidorovich). Another car before the gate level for Garbage (for <<< >>> Garbage/Cordon - Bridge).
Tip 2: maybe you can kill soldiers on the road by the car? :)

- SNORK monsters have now an appropriate sound (not like a lion!)

- SKY ROTATION CORRECTED!!! (15 degree / 1 hour) and increased its speed (x4). This is the ONLY and REAL dynamic sky!
[Note: about the SUN position. In real life, it is depending by the single player position on planet, Latitude and Longitude degrees, so.. it is useless change the default (though not corrected) values of the game]

- FOG, HORIZON vision and WIND CORRECTED (about corresponding real time: before the night - night / before the morning - morning).
And the NIGHT now is a "bit" (just a bit, because you can see anyway) more credible.

- CARRY Modality tweaked > 60kg - 80kg (default 50kg - 60kg). That is the right!!! (uhm... uhm... NO.. that is an hacked mod!. But ok...!) :)

- Better range for ACTION KEY (Hey.. Sidorovich... why you stay so far???)!

- Player has an HEIGHT of 1,90 m. (190 cm). The default value is 1,85 m. (185 cm)

- Better and smaller TARGETING CROSS!!!!!

- No player's HEAD movement when he (you!) walk/run. ( It is knows as "Headbobbing" ). [Set cam_inert 0. in your USER. LTX].

- New optimal ENEMY DETECTION for Army, Bandits, Stalkers (Some FOV has been increased for balance the bit lesser npc vision)

- NPC Stalkers can see and grab items (better weapons if happens) around; and if you drop some good weapon on them, eventually they can grab and use it.

- Better npc/monsters SPAWNING and more time for avoid annoying continue RESPAWN!!!. Now you can travel in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as an adventurer too! :)

- WARNING ICONS on screen (radiation, food, broken weapon, miniPDA flashing... etc etc) have decreased size!!!

- NPC can feel PANIC and run away (if they see or live a bad, bad situation). No Monoliths.

- Now NPC turn out their night light when you shot them!

- A bit lesser DISPERSION base (that means you waste lesser ammos and time for kill).

- A bit greater RANK for friend/neutral/enemy NPC (that means they are a bit harder, for balance your lesser DISPERSION).

[NOTE: many players consider numbers in se_respawn scripts like CASUAL. Well .. that is not so!
The default value numbers are corrected (or almost).

1° example - I have seen respawn with 150 stalkers and 80 bandits in total. Well.. this means: take your STALKER game and put it into the trash.
Why? Why???. Because the numbers of (and of others NPC) STALKERS, BANDITS and ARMY are balanced between them and that means:
in game you can see duels about those factions; and sometime can win one and sometime can win other. Depending by YOUR help too!
With BAD numbers..well... your STALKER is ruined!!!

2° example - I have seen mods with a lot of Zombie and other monsters.
Well.. that means: you can find ALL your friendly stalkers in village near Sidorovich.. killed!
Or... All the militars at the bridge killed!!! Or... All the militars at South position of Cordon killed
So.. you have to kill ONLY the 70% of monsters in some level (and they can kill NPC too regarding some YOUR QUEST) and 30% Stalkers.
How is possible to be so much idiot??? WHAT game is THIS?? A Shit!. That is.

Now.. I say... btw ANYONE CAN DO OR THINK WHAT HE WANT... but... but...
when modifications in game are TOO big (and bad)..welll... that is not more a balanced GAME: it is just a useless and boring SHIT.

3° example - Many players made, and you can buy, a lot of new suites, armours and weapons.
OBVIOUSLY they are better than generic things you can find in normal GAME. They are very cool!!! (sigh)
But this means :
It is right? Or you WANT WIN ALWAYS???
Well... by "thin" tricks! It is too easy! Bah...

4° example - Many modifications of WEATHERS ruins your game, because the MOST of them dont correct the glitch/bug of the full time circle.
So you CAN SEE in some hour, and SUDDENLY, your SKY running - rotating - like a devil!!! ABSOLUTELY not credibible!!!]

- Better general AI NPC

- Side QUESTS fixed! (about Reputation rewards). Hidden side quests are NOT enabled because "normal" quests are enough!!!
and may create some error/confusion in the GAME.

- QUEST TIME duration increased to 10 days (default is 1 day - in seconds). A classic! :)

- Distance for TORCH light increased. Radius reduced.

- REMOVE time reduced for broken/dead objects.

- INVENTORY grid is now smaller: BUT the WIDTH has 10 squares!!! (So you can see more items at once and dont need to scroll so much!!!).

- BINOCULARS view "cleaned" and improved (about x20)! And all weapon SCOPES are been “cleaned” and simplified for best and quick performance.

- Camping NPC can play HARMONICA (or guitar) and some NEW MUSIC too!!!

- PRICE of BANDAGES and MEDIKIT increased (default prices were NOT ABSOLUTELY CREDIBLE) for their great, and immediately, Healing power!!!!!.

- New improved look for HUD. Just the BEST Hud??? FULL functional and minimal!!!! (more!!!: DELETED the USELESS player's default and crimbling position)

- New reduced look for PDA! (DELETED FALSE borders)

- Real CIGARETTES textures pack (Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Camel). Well... I smoke Camel! :) (THANKS to BOLM's mod)

- Now you can BUY or SELL AMMO's weapon [and some other fun stuff, just like a souvenir:) ] to/from NPC.

- VIEW CAMERA enabled (You need it for CARS Mod too) by adding (yourself!) these 4 lines in your USER.LTX :

bind turn_engine kK
bind cam_1 kF1
bind cam_2 kF2
bind cam_3 kF3

Key k tun on/off Car engine
Key F1 enable 1° person view (default)
Key F2 enable 3° person view
Key F3 enable free 3° person/out view


3. Uninstall

Delete or rename the gamedata folder created!

4. Legal Agreement

Feel free to use this MOD and have fun with your NEW Stalker SHOC! And just say THANKS to me!!!!! :)
Every modification in this ZIP file is your responsability!.
This MOD is BALANCED (too hard for explain) as respawn, number of NPC, damage active/passive, etc etc.
for make BETTER the default STALKER.

For any bug (except "normal" little bugs of the GAME) or good suggestion contact me.

5. Thanks to
(an sorry for my english)


6. Some PICTURES/screenshots explanation files in "Max S.t.a.l.k.e.r.MOD"


7. README- LEGGIMI file (this!!!) in "Max S.t.a.l.k.e.r.MOD"



DONT CARE ABOUT red warnings in STALKER console: "... invalid ogg-comment... etc..etc.."!!!!!

NOTE: OGG comment is an internal value about the meter RANGE (diffusion) of the sound.

un grande saluto a tutti gli italiani giocatori di STALKER!!!


e buon divertimento


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Max S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod  1.1

Max S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod 1.1

Full Version

This mod makes many changes in the game to be more realistic. Just check out this feature list. This is the INTERNATIONAL version.


Expression : xml_result
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File : e:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrgame\xml_str_id_loader.h
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Description : error while parsing XML file
Arguments : dialogs_repair.xml

I put in the gamedata,now I can't start up SoC without it crashing within 5 seconds of it starting.

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Thanks for the big help...I searched the files inside the gamedata from hair to to the soles of it's feet,and I couldn't find a 'dialogs_repair.xml' anywhere.

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