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MasterHero Mod 2.2.2 is Released. Update to it from Launcher Now or Get it from the Fully Updated New Installer.

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MasterHero Mod 2.2.2 Update Released

Update 2.2.2 for MasterHero Mod has been published.

To get This update Update Through Mod Launcher,

If you Don't have the mod you Can Install Fully Updated MasterHero Mod 2.2.2 Below


fully Updated MasterHero Mod 2.2.2 - (Released 11-Mar-16)
MasterHero Mod 2.2.2

Or Update to MasterHero Mod 2.2.2 From Launcher ( if you have older version )

Know All About MasterHero Mod @Channel


Version 2.2.2 brings the following changes :

Update 2.2.2 :- 11-Mar-2016

* Three Changes in Elves Spell Book

* Legolas , Hawldir , Thrundil , removed from spell book & are back to fortress heroes

* Changed Gilgalad to Good Galadriel

* Changed Elendil Skin

* Changed Some Heroes Skins and Portraits

* Changed Some Units Skins and Portraits

* Changed Some Buildings Portraits

* Dain Ring Effect Changed " Super Strong Structures"

* New Installer Released 2.2.2 (11-March-2016)

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.2.1 :- 03-Mar-2016

* Total New Additions and Improvments to the Mod Updater:-
# Added 3 more dowload servers, Total 4 now !
# Added the Possibility to open Updater even if you don't have internet connection, (For People who get false internet connection detection)
# Added Server Status to each Server
# Changed Window Size of the Updater
# More Facilities Improvments to the Updater
# This set of fixes is to solve the problems that some gamers are experieancing while trying to update

* Changing two Launcher Background
------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.2.0 :- 16-Feb-2016

* "Main Features" of MasterHero Mod (Updated) is now available to be reviewd from Launcher

* Improving Launcher

* Changed Updater Logo

* Introducing Online Error Log Reporting
# When an error happens, the error is saved in Text File named "Error Log"
# send me the Error Log to get the solution for the Error
# to send the Error Log, just Click on "Help" Button in the Launcher and then Click on Report Error Log
# After That Error Log will open + Link of Error Reporting Page will open also
# All what you have to do is copy the Error Log in the Link and submit it, and wait for the reply ..

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.1.9 :- 12-Feb-2016

* Updating All Launcher Screens

* New Logo

* New Load Screen

* Fixed Some Bugs in The New Hordes System "Presented in previous version 2.1.8"

* Removed "Attacking Buildings with only Fire Bombs" :-
# Now All Units Attack with their default weapon
# Normal Sword Units Can Still Have Fire Bombs Upgrade
# Increased Effectiveness of Firebombs

* Update Logs Now Have Logs of Old Updates .. Check them out

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.1.8 :- 07-Feb-2016

* For The First Time in All BFME & ROTWK Game Series, 
Introducing The New Optional Changable Hordes  System:-

# You can Choose Hordes System of the Game, From the Launcher
# Hordes System Contains Three Options;
# Normal Horde System, Which is the Default Number of Units in Each Horde
# Single Unit Horde System,> Each Horde Contains One Unit Only (Single Unit Horde System is Back ! )
# Triple Unit Horde System, > Each Horde Contains a Maximum Number of Three Units 
# Keep in Mind that when you change the Horde System type to Single or Triple, Command Points Value are
 going to be affected !
# More Updates Coming soon to balance Strength for Each Horde System

* Fixed Some Bugs in Launcher

* Added Mute Music Button to the Launcher
------------------------------ ------------------------------

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