A side-project of love that is not some complicated detailed mod aimed at any era, story, or theme. MEGA is simply Vanilla EAW with pretty particles (From both KOTOE and Remake) and whatever units i can make from the vanilla models or kitbash out of them.

Corruption will be changed. Now only a single ZC hero will spread the yellow mist over the galaxy but the Empire and Rebellion can build agents who’s sole duty is to remove it. They will no longer use their heroes to do it and the agents will be spend. It will also be free since you are spending the credits on the agents. The ZC player will no longer need to play a corruption battle to spread the yellow cloud.

Game mechanics will only slightly change for generally better gameplay such as the movement of Fighters, Land Unit Accuracy, Multi-Layered Space Units. GC map will remain the vanilla planets but be laid out in accurate positions according to the old Atlas instead of the insane way Petroglyph set them up.

The Galactic Empire

Carrier-based Fighters
TIE Fighter
TIE Bomber
TIE Interceptor
TIE Heavy Bomber
TIE Interdictor

Hyperspace-Capable Fighters
TIE Scout
TIE Defender
TIE Phantom
TIE Avenger
TIE Advanced Bomber

Tartan Patrol Cruiser
Broadside-class Cruiser
Acclamator II-class Frigate
Venator-class Star Destroyer
Immobilizer-class Cruiser
Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser
Victory I-class Star Destroyer
Victory II-class Star Destroyer
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer
Tector-class Star Destroyer
Imperial II-class Star Destroyer
Interdictor-class Star Destroyer
Executor-class Super Star Destroyer
Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer

New Land Units
Army Troopers
Shadow Stormtroopers (From Cronal)
Scout Troopers
Darkside Adepts
ISB Agent (Remove Corruption/Non-combatant)

Emperor Palpatine (Only one name! you canon lovers can fuck off with that "Sheev" bullshit!)
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
General Maximillian Veers
Baron Sootir Fel/181st Squadron - TIE Interceptors
Tan Maarek Stele - TIE Defender
Mara Jade - Z-95
Darth Vader- TIE Advanced X1
Captain Zsinj - Iron Fist (VSD-II)
Lord Cronal - Singulariy (ISD-1)
Grand Admiral Thrawn - Admonitor (ISD-I)
Admiral Daala - Gorgon (ISD-I)
Captain Pellaeon - Chimaera (ISD-II)
Admiral Piett - Executor



Carrier-based Fighters

Hyperspace-Capable Fighters
Z-95 Headhunter
YT-1300 Freighter

GR-75-class Repair/Support Ship
CR-90-clss Corvette
DP-20-class Gunship
CR-92a Assassin-class Corvette
Marauder-class Missile Cruiser
Nebulon-B Frigate
Assault Frigate Mk.2
MC30c-class Frigate
MC80 Liberty-class

New Land Units
Wookie Warriors
Sullustian Engineers
Bothan Agents (Remove Corruption/Spy)

Mon Mothma
Garm Bel Iblis/Gargantuan
Luke Skywalker - X-Wing
Han Solo/Chewbacca - Millennium Falcon (YT-1300)
Kyle Katarn - Moldy Crow
Rogue Squadron - X-Wings
Gold Squadron - Y-Wings
Raymus Antillies - Sundered Heart
Juno Eclipse - Salvation (Neb-B w/ Ion Cannons)
Admiral Yamarus - Liberty (MC80)
Admiral Akbar - Home One
Admiral Nammo - Defiance (Home One)
General Crix Madine - Independence (Home One)


Criminal Underworld

Carrier-based Fighters
Rihkxyrk-class Assault Fighter
X-TIE Ugly Starfighter
Y-TIE Ugly Starfighter
TYE-Wing Ugly Starfighter

Hyperspace-Capable Fighters
StarViper Attack Platform
StarViper Mk.2 Attack Platform
Skipray Blastboat
X-Ceptor Ugly Starfighter
BB-Wing Ugly Starfighter

Crusader-class Corvette
Interceptor IV-class Missile Frigate
Interceptor III-class Torpedo Frigate
Marauder-class Cruiser
Acclamator I-class Frigate (Carrier Variant)
Vengeance-class Frigate
Aggressor-class Star Destroyer
Keldabe-class Battleship

New Land Units
Trandosian Hunters
Twilek Assassin
Nightsister Witch
Mandalorian Commando (Field Commander)

Tyber Zann - Merciless(Aggressor)
Venlana Sipal (Now the only unit to spread Corruption)
Urai Fen
IG-88 - IG-2000
Bossk - Hound’s Tooth
Boba Fett - Slave One
Prince Xizor - Virago
Pirate Queen Noira - Savrip (Marauder)
Talon Karrde - Wild Karrde(Interceptor-III)
Admiral Jared Sykes - End of Days(Keldabe)
Booster Terrik - Errant Venture (ISD-II)

This mod will NOT be using ANY content from CANON and will solely use ships and characters from the PROPER Star Wars timeline instead of the one Disney is making us watch slowly die a torturous death.

We will kill the things we hate to save the things we love or else everyone will die and the enemy wins!
Everything else is Fake News and i like Lukes who werent in exile!
Build the wall around Canon and make Disney pay for it!

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KOTOE, Remake and now MEGA


There's several things i'm currently working on that are serious projects such as Knights of the Old Empire 1 and 2 that are my own mods, and EAW Remake which i assist the great Dutchman Jeroenimo.

MEGA is my pleasure project that really isnt very serious at all since there's no care about detailed models, gameplay changes, complicated balance changes, or any complicated story or LUA coding.

The entire point of MEGA is to be a chill bit of fun for me to work on between the other stuff i do without really putting any real work into it since everything is mostly just kitbashed models, some minor coding edits, and particles and such from KOTOE and Remake.

Performance will be comparable to vanilla since there's no models with thousands of polygons and dozens of textures. Onlything really affecting perfomance is the increased number of units allowed in battle and the less hideous particles and projectiles since the vanilla ones are abominations i cant stand to look at.

Given the SUPER LOW standards i have for this mod i am considering lowering myself to put it on Steam for the people who are too lazy to manually install like we of ModDB have done for over a decade with EAW. Not totally sure yet if i want anything i've done to appear of that archive of stolen, reuploaded, and slightly edited and renamed mods. I like the support and protection of ModDB far too much honestly.

KOTOE/MEGA Discord: Discord.gg
EAW Remake Discord: Discord.gg (If I were running ‘The Remake’, I’d fire The Hand of the Dutchman for always reminding people how great it was before Petroglyph added the Steam Workshop to the game and people knew how to put the folder of a mod into the Mods folder by themselves instead of having it done for them. I mean, I’d look at him right in that mean, douchebag face of his, I’d say ‘Niko, you’re fired.’)

The mod just got 10mb higher! MEGA!


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Niko's MEGA Free Releases

Niko's MEGA Free Releases

Vehicle Model

A Collection of models that have reskined, kitbashed or just rerigged from Vanilla EAW models along with some random icons. Credit: Emperor Niko

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dont download this mod. the creator is obviously a trump, supporter.
there is no place for racist biggots on this platform.
BIDEN AND SOCILALISIM IS THE WAY. inflation for life. more money for the economy which is good.

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I would have replaced "Emperor Palpatine" with "The Senate" name

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EmperorNiko Creator

But The Senate dissolved The Senate to give powers to the regional governors.

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Also nerf the ZC AI as well because ZC AI is too annoying, as they can corrupt my planets, sabotage my buildings, and bribe past through bordering planets to attack on my important assets.

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EmperorNiko Creator

The ZC is being turned into a kinda blended Criminal faction. The Corruption mechanic will remain but will be limited by a single hero unit that will spread corruption instead of defilers.

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Can you buff the Rebel AI?

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What is Knights of the Old Empire mod?

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One of Niko's first mods, check it out on his profile.

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