Our goal is to bring into focus the Legacy Era, but more specifically the Second Imperial Civil War. Play as either the tyrannical Krayt Empire, freedom-seeking Galactic Alliance Remnant or the obscure Confederation Revenant.

DZ-11 Precision-class Elite Assault Craft (view original)

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The DZ-11 Precision is simply put, the most advanced and most powerful fighter-bomber in the galaxy at this time. Its weapons systems are extremely deadly and efficient. This is a dual purpose fighter/bomber for the Confederation available at level 5. It has an armament consisting of 2 proton cannons (which can be fired in beams or bursts) and 1 gravitic bomb launcher. Gravitic bombs are immensely powerful weapons that can be likened to the resonance torpedoes utilized by the Sun Crusher-which is where the bomb's design comes from. All of these factors mean that this craft is VERY expensive-but not invincible. If you have to fight these, watch out!