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if you have problems see the troubleshooting section before asking!Status: work in progress version 1.8... follow the modI am not American I'm sorry for my English.LC-Become King of Riverhelm

1.7 NOW!!

You like please vote in skyrimnexus in download area!



So, you have always wanted to own a giant city and castle? Only your outstanding bravery will reward you properly! Now this is your chance! "Become King of RiverHelm" gives you the chance to do just that! Lead the kings people and his knights! Follow the journey and enjoy the life of a noble king! But of course, this comes at a cost right? ....


ps: to have the keys you need to talk to Baron Dubarcan in the hall of the castle and buy properties!

1 - Buy a mine inside the castle and get a 15,000 gold income!
2 - Buy title of Knight of Riverhelm for 10,000 in gold and collect the salary of a Knight! And win a beautiful manor to live in!
3 - Become King of Riverhelm by buying the title for 30,000 in gold.
4 - Giant imposing fortress and grandeur worthy of envy of other kings! lol
5 - When you purchase the fortres and become a mighty king, you will win the power crown, but without unbalancing the game!
6 - Collect your fees in the city or its other titles.
7 - Four Knights with attractive appearance as your followers.
8 - Treasure room with many places to display your achievements and weapons as well as mannequins for your armor.
9 -Court Jester.
10-Vendors with abundant gold to sell your items.
11 - More than 50 new NPCs.
12 - Fortress totally lore friendly to enhance your immersion.
13 - Beautiful view of Whiterun from your personal tower.
14 - Shop for ingredients from Maya - version 1.2
15- Baker who sells special Riverhelm pie that grants 100 health points! version 1.2
16 - Now trade goods at the tavern - the barkeep buys and sells products - version 1.1
17- Now the guards will give greetings to thier Lord including an animation!
18 - Many other small things that I do not remember now!
19 - New unique armor for your army! 1.3
20 - New armor Riverhelm King! ( Armor in the chest of your bed) 1.3
21 - New unique shield with coat of arms for his army! 1.3
22 - New home interior " workers house 1.3
23- Added court magician, a magician who sells items and spells. 1.4
24- Added a servant who sweeps his great hall diarimente. 1.4
25- A huge arena!!! What does a giant look small! 1.6

About how it was done this mod
This mod was a project that was originally begun but abandoned by the illustrious Reflex101. Then I took the project and spent many hours on it...about 200. So this project was begun by Reflex101 who inspired me to continue from his good base mod. Thank you friend Location is marked on the map between whiterun and Riverwood.

Wold you like to thank Locaster?

Locaster modding supporters: How to thank me


1-Extract the file anywhere.

2-Take data folder and inside your Skyrim folder

3-Activate the mod in launcher and ready.

active the: Become king of Riverhelm.esm
Become king of Riverhelm.esp


Case 1- Crashes , slow, glitch, CTD ....

check your load order, here I use the following: Become king of Riverhelm.esm (at the top of the list) Become king of Riverhelm.esp (at the end after all other mods)and
I have no problemThese are the known conflicts with other mods:

Case 2 - If you experience slow frame rates or crashes, you likely have a conflict with another mod.
This mod by itself should not cause these types of problems. If you experience these issues you should create a clean save, then disable all mods and restart. Go through all your mods, reenabling them one by one until you discover what was causing the problem.Moving the mod in the load order can also help.It is impossible for a mod to be compatible with all others, and there is no way to tell what mods you have, so only you can resolve the conflicts by using the method described above.

MODS reports of conflict,

2 - Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships (need to test 1.5)
6 - tower defense beta (need to test 1.5)
7 - Dwemer Airstrip (need to test 1.5)
8 - Ranger Ridge0(need to test 1.5)9 - Dovahkiin Hideout (need to test 1.5)
10 - Dovahkiin Hideout compact (need to test 1.5)
11- deus mons house (work in 1.5)
12- Whiterun Outskirts Market (need to test 1.5)
13- WARZONES:Civil Unrest (work in 1.5)


Omegared99 - Armor Compilation by Omegared99

Hedge Knight Armor by hothtrooper44

Witcher 2 Shield Pack by

elementxstyle For correcting the English and record voice files, thanks!To me and Reflex101who began the work that led us here!

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um why cant i find the download for this?

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


i got a small problem ;D

If i press E while standing next to the Riverhelm people,noone talks to me.i got the german skyrim version,but i think that does not care ^^

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I have an issue with the texts. No texts. just some shapes. I don't understand what they are saying. Can someone help?

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Riverside Lodge mod WILL NOT work with this mod.

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This is a perfect and beautiful mod, professionally voice-acted and imagined. I've been in it for 30 minutes and no CTDs or navmesh issues at all, I guess BOSS was freaking out for nothing. I went ahead and cleaned it with TES5Edit, maybe that helped?
Anyway, will endorse and vote at Skyrim Nexus.
Thank you for this excellent mod, sir!

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This is what BOSS tells me for the esm.

Warning: This file contains 50 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author.

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For the esp.

Warning: This file contains 12 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author

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The kingdom inside the other kingdom? What is this Vatican? I don't like it!

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