Last Good war is a prequel tie-in game for the novel "Of those in the Background world" which takes place in an alternate history in which many of the things that occurred in actual history is rewritten. The game takes place in 1913, the outbreak of the war, and you follow a French Captain from his journey from the trenches to the research labs of the enemy.

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The story so far:

Level 1 - 6: Entrenched

"You are to enlist, Bernard, and do your country proud." The words of your father echoed in your ears as you lay in the officer's room as the bombardment above provided you with a sleepless night. You rubbed your eyes, darken under the ovals as you lay resting on the bed. The Senior Captain stepped in and you greeted him with a salute.

"No need to be formal," he reminded him and he slowly places his hand down. "I need you to go check on our supplies."

"Alright, Sir." You replied and you, the junior officer left.

The supply room is not that far from the officer's room, perhaps a few meters of mud away and an opening that reveals the dark night in which lighten by the fury of shells presented no stars. You saw several of your men, mostly young recruits like you each saluting you as you passed but you remained formal. You reached the door to the supply room and opened it as if you were opening a tomb and it did felt like it for the air in there was different. You closed the door behind you and began to check on the supplies.

Hours passed

"Sir, wake up." came a voice.

You blink to find a trooper beside you, "What's going on?" you asked.

"The Germans have infiltrated our trench," he said. "We were unprepared for their counterattack," He placed a revolver next to you. "I will try to go find the others. We may plan afterward if we want to attack or escape."

He quickly left and that was the last time you see him.

Level 5 - 8: Lair of the Mu

Reuniting with your British allies, the high commander has given you the task of leading a unit to infiltrate a research facility that seems to be conducting inhumane experiments as the rumors seem to present itself. You came from the side, cutting through several bushes and barbwire before entering the facility. You gulp as your men followed you from behind. You heard that a high ranking German general of the Waffen-SS makes his visit for the evening and you do not want to bump into him.

"One of the toughest divisions is within this compound." your ally said.

"Which is?"

"The Totenkopf division."

"An SS Unit?"

"Yes, it seems the Germans really value this facility," he said. "Anyways, there are multiple objectives so we shall follow as planned."

"Alright," you answered. "Good luck and be seeing you."

"Remember, we must retreat by midnight...."

Level 9 - 13: An escape route

A cloud of smoke loomed over the facility. One of the squads send into the facility completed their task, destroying several key equipment and technology held by the Germans. You raced to the top in which you planned to move to the next building but something felt weird. You took as much ammunition as possible, fearing that an encounter against the greatest enemy you might have to face in your life.

Level 13 - 15: Prisoners of the starship

"Move Frenchman!" The angry shouting of the trooper cried as he pushed your back with the butt of his rifle. Now in chains, you raised your head, viewing the shuttle that would take you to the outer worlds.

"Where are you taking us?" You asked the nearby officer.

"To the heavens of course," he smiled. "We are going to make good use of you under the Geneva convention."

You gulped but you had the idea of escaping in mind...


Sprite work:

Wolf Skevos-Jones
Kev Reid

Sound effects:
Kev Reid

Doug Holmes
ID Software

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Hello there everyone

I just want to ask a question.

How do you want the ending of the game to be as in the level design? Do you all want it to be like a boss battle or a normal map? I'm asking this as I have placed a boss battle in the middle of the game so having an end boss would be weird since there is a boss in the middle of the game. The second half of the game is more about escaping a space ship. Do tell me what are your thoughts!

I am also looking for anyone that would like to design one of the maps. Me alone simply cannot make such good maps!

In other news: The game is about 90% complete with 15 levels. I also feel a bit tired working on this mod and it has been like putting a toll on me but I will finish it! Don't worry! I will probably release the entire full game before the end of the year but no promises!

Also I would love it if you could purchase the book "Of those in the background world"! Do support the author!

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Weimar Stories

Weimar Stories

Full Version 1 comment

1920s Berlin: Reparations, Depression, Communists, Nazis, and Cabarets. Showcasing the Berlin police force in the 1920s, facing many problematic people...

Last Good War V1.1

Last Good War V1.1

Full Version 1 comment

Last good war was originally a game made in Unity 3D but I was unfamiliar with it and so I moved the game to another engine. This mod is a tie-in companion...


this isn't a wolfenstein mod, move it to raycasting game maker section

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Just two asides; if this is made in another engine it might be more appropriately tagged or moved to IndieDB if it's something like GameMaker?

Also, remember to credit the various people you're borrowing graphics from! ^^

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Brickproduction1815 Creator

Yes...this was made once on the Unity engine and even haf a, pagr on indiedb but then we changed it to the raycast engine. Anyways, we will definitely give credit the those that have contributed the sprites! ;)

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What engine though? Making a raycasted game isn't necessarily making a Wolf3D game :)

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Brickproduction1815 Creator

Im using the raycasting game maker engine

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