This mod has a long history, starting as a submod for popular russian mod Macedon Expansion. It's main focus was to expand vanilla game, add richer details and custom content while keeping original design and style, like if CA released a free-LC. All factions unit rosters were spiced up with new late-game units, and battlemap balance was tuned to a degree for smooth and enjoyable gameplay. Main features: - 13 campaigns with different setups and presets, including regional ones - 60 historical battles - RSII environment for battlefields - BI buildings for campaign and battlemap - more than 450 units with lots of regional and auxiliary troops - more than 1000 new skins and more than 100 new unit models - hundreds of handicrafted unit cards in polished vanilla style - new stratmap buildings - new stratmap settlement models - new custom ancillaries - and more!

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Best Ever MOD For RTW .

vanilla feeling. fast turns. lots of units. simple economy. tough rebels. huge map :)

@hellenistic legacy: same as above but with cool single roman faction and greek kingdoms of baktria, bosphoros and epirus! makes the east mich more busy and cool to explore! a new interesting war-politic teather!

thanks for the good job!


Its like the mod you always wanted for Rome


very good


Nice and promising

high quality skins for the units - cool unit rooster - huge map - cool factions - AMAZING battle AI


Great mod


This mod provides a strong nostalgic feeling of good old Rome Total War but takes vanilla far beyond, adding lots of high quality custom content in the same polished style as original game, including hundreds of units, new campaigns and historical battles. If you enjoyed original Rome without mods, loved its immersion and design, it's the mod for you!



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