A dark secret of Revan's empire has remained hidden for 4 millenia only to awaken at the most crucial point in time to turn the tide of the Clone Wars and bring an end to the Order of Sith Lords to make way for the Order of Sith Knights. Order and Unity shall shatter the Tyranny of the Sith Lords and the Blind Ignorance of the Jedi Knights.

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RSS Cabur'Kal-Type Heavy Cruiser - WIP 1 (view original)
Cabur'Kal-Type Heavy Cruiser - WIP 1
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Lol that shares no resemblance to the Kandosii clas star dreadnaught at all.

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EmperorNiko Author

To me it looks like a combination of the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser and the Kandosii.

It's not like the Dreadnaught look like the Kandosii but is considered to be based of of it. Or the Providence which is based on the Dreadnaught yet looks very little like it. Or even the Assault Frigate Mk.2 which is based on the Dreadnaught yet is so very different i don't know how it could every be connected.

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Very interesting starship, I'm going to agree that it doesn't look like a kandosii but it is definitly one of adamkops better designs imo, nice rendition of it too.

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EmperorNiko Author

Thanks. for one of my models it really did turn out really good. Kinda surprised since i haven't actually made a new model for some time before this.

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Due to noone else agreeing with me, i've renamed this vessel.
Full Name: Cabur-type Mandalorian Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser

Much like the Providence-class Cruiser used by the CIS, the Cabur'Kal-Type Heavy Cruiser is a Mandalorian variant of the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser which ironically itself was designed from the Kandosii-Type Dreadnaught of the Mandalorian Wars.

This ship features heavy armor and shields with massive firepower in the form of both kinetic and energy weapons.

Still haven't decided if i want those ports on the engines to be heavy missiles or mass drivers and not sure of the number of weapons at the moment.

Concept: Adamkop.deviantart.com
Cabur'Kal = Guardian Blade

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