A spiritual successor to the original Knights of the Force mod, this total conversion mod for Star Wars Jedi Academy provides players with a sandbox experience featuring numerous characters, lightsabers, missions, and maps from all across the Star Wars Saga.

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I an very thankful that these people are willing to make this mod

Picture this: It's 2011. Life is easier than it is now, we're a gaming generation behind and Jedi Academy still has a pretty fair active modding community.
KotF, though controversial, is a remarkably great suppository for stellar Jedi Academy maps and models, held together by a workable interface and pretty solid coding. It had a loyal following, unofficial patches that brought its content up to speed with the latest works of JA's finest modelers and already a few scripted missions released. If you ask me, it and Movie Duels II were the best Jedi Academy SP mods ever released, with Escape Yavin IV short behind.
Though life issues had kept KotF's polemic creator TimFX from finishing the full product - instead releasing a skeleton of its promised features - people had faithfully and patiently held that someday we would finally get a true KotF release, which would fulfill the promise of recreating the entire Star Wars Saga in JA.
Unfortunately, that never happened. What we were left with was user save games, the unofficial patches and, if you knew some file wizardry, the capacity to add and replace in-mod models with new ones, as well as adding new maps to play in.
I remember I spent countless hours trying to fine-tune KotF into something of a perfect Star Wars game, getting models from FileFront and replacing existing characters in the mod for them. Sometimes I'd try to turn Jedi Academy into the closest thing to a KotOR video game, sometimes into a TFU tribute. I never quite succeeded. To really change the whole game, to make it truly faithful to what I wanted to turn it into would take coding, scripting and a helluva lot of work.
Fast forward 7 years. 7 YEARS.
I run into this. I download it and, lo and behold, my dreams have come true. Characters from The Old Republic era all the way to the New Trilogy are present, many maps were added, character models were replaced for better ones and there's even one story mission already released.
To me this mod isn't just another fan attempt. It's the culmination of a wish I've had for almost a decade. Yes, this isn't complete yet. Yes, there's room for a lot more content. But most of all, this mod here has something that the old KotF started losing way too soon and that other JA mods, though excellent, are nowadays somewhat lacking in (even though MBII is still going strong). It's got potential, it's got promise and I can't WAIT to see what the DevTeam is gonna come up with next.
You bastards. You did it, you finally did it, and you're saying that what you've released is still a mere Beta. If the current work that went into this is any sign of the future however, I must say it looks bright indeed. Please don't give up on this like Tim did. Save this mod, that once represented something many a Star Wars fan had always wanted to see, but never could.
Save the dream.


I remember TimFx's incredibly-well-made-lie of a mod, and to be fair, I enjoyed it as a kid while not even knowing of anything that transpired about that mod at the time. This looks like a fulfilling mod from what is shown. I can't wait to try this mod. Even if this is filled with bugs, it still seems like it could become the best sandbox-style experience a Star Wars game could ever offer: something from the fans themselves. A sandbox in which the player has total control over what to do, and enjoy feeling powerful as a Jedi, or as weak as a simple foot soldier. This is what the experience should be like in a Star Wars game. That is the impression I get when I see this before this is even released.


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A great tool for roleplayers. Can't wait to see the full release. I only hope that the mod authors won't drop the mod and we will finally get it released :D

I like very much this mod but unfortunately it's not finished or done yet.

"Believe the Hype" 10/10 IGN And this won't be jinxed like Titanfall.


a 10 for the promise it shows


excited to see whats coming and need a date


Like Movie Duels II, this mod is a massive undertaking and though relatively little work has been done on the film based missions, the standard of work exhibited thus far may even exceed that of Movie Duels II. Moreover, the addition of many fun and useful features, as well as an extended roster of characters, make this mod stand out.

Amazing mod!!! This is top notch tier modding for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Passion and dedication show through all sections of the content. Master-craft mission making. Everything is clean and well performed. Map selection is outstanding. Overall, this is my childhood mod dream come to true. I remember the KotF version by Tim, but this team is taking things to the next level.

Thankful here for what this team is doing, and looking forward to see what they do with KotF 2.1 and beyond. Here guys, you have my support. Nothing else to say, amazing mod!


Edit: 2.0 changed to 2.1

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I an very thankful that these people are willing to make this mod

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