A texture pack and realism modification for one of the most notorious games in videogame violence history. Rags 2 Riches breathes new life into Kingpin: Life of Crime.

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This is the first release of my mod for Kingpin: Life of Crime. My Rags 2 Riches modification aims to bring more realism to this classic FPS, plus better looking skins and textures by way of a sharpened texture pack.

Kingpin: Life of Crime - Rags 2 Riches v1

The strange thing I noted is that this mod is really low-rated. I decided to give it a try, and will share my opinion with VGames, since all the other mods he made are simply fantastic. Will rate this mod after I finish the game with it.

The first idea I have is to expand the weapon modifications available. In the orginal game there are only 5 total, 4 of which are for pistol - this needs to be changed. As I played the demo version some years ago, there was many other which didn't made it to the final product (tommy gun tracers are the one I remember). So the summary of my Pawn-o-matic ideas are:
1. Merge Ammo1 and Ammo 2 menu into a single one (where Ammo 2 is, 4th slot)
2. Replace the Ammo1 menu with Mods2 menu
3. (optional) Merge Health and Armor menus into one (only if the third Mods menu will be needed, which is unlikely.
4. So the Pawn-o-matic left menu looks like (from top to bottom):
Weapons, Mods 1, Mods 2, Ammo, Health, Armor, empty, Exit
5. Restore the default settings of all weapons, and made all the improvements into mods buyable at Pawns:
Shotgun: accuracy, reload time
Tommy gun: recoil, rate of fire
HMG: recoil
Greande launcher: explode on impact, incendary rounds
Rocket launcher: power blast
Flame thrower: flame range, power consumption reduced

So 5 old mods and 10 new = 15 total, which is ok since Mods 1 and Mods 2 will have 16 slots total.

ps. "Explosions from rockets & grenades don't gib bodies anymore." - why?

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Damn.. I found many features now working at all! Tested on Kingpin 1.21:
-buying a weapon/mod not from the same game tier is impossible (Sharky says something sbout being "out of stock")
-body parts can be gibbed by bullets (tested with magnum pistol, shotgun) - it's ok IMHO but not as VGames wanted it to be.
-silencer wears off and breaks
-weapon properties seem not altered at all
-pawn-o-matic prizes seem the same as vanilla

I know it may sound strange, as other features such as textures etc works ok so the mod is "active" for sure.

BTW I really like the new shotgun texture.

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VGames Author

I wanted the body parts to blow off by any round bigger then the pistol and tommygun rounds. I didn't want bodies to gib because it looks dumb. Silencer shouldn't break. It's never done that to me since I made this mod. I really don't plan on adding anything else for this mod. I had a guy reworking the audio for all sound effects but he disappeared. So I'm not gonna do anymore for this mod as of now. I hope you enjoyed what I have.

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Too bad there will be no future release :( is it bocouse of rates?

Can you at least tell me on which version did you run the mod? Was it 1.21 or some older?

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VGames Author

Whatever the latest version was. I can't remember. I'm not on my PC right now. Maybe one day I'll try to do some more for this mod but not right now. I'm just too busy with other mods and games. The rating means nothing to me. I just like to see what people think about the mod. If I had more to do on this mod besides a few small tweaks I would. Plus I don't enjoy playing this game as much as other games I mod.

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Hmm.. then I will take a closer look why it doesn't properly work for me.

"Plus I don't enjoy playing this game as much as other games I mod" - well, the most annoying think is that each tier is really short, and as the game progresses it gets more linear. Take a look on the first level for example (skidrow): you can get the pistol by bringing back the coil, or getting cash from the safe and buying it, if bum gets you the combination, or you can use the hanchman to attack the "sewer rats" gang members and obtain the piece from them.

In later stages however, all you get is a single quest, warehouse-like battleground, and only 1 way to approach it which takes about an hour to complete - very unfinished product. That is what killed the entire Kingpin series (there was Kingpin 2 in the works, cancelled). Too bad since the game is prette athmospheric.

The good think would be to include the "Final Crime" unofficial sequel to the level ladder, to extend the experience a bit.

The best solution however, would be to edit the maps past skidrow and add some new areas, npc's, quests etc to make the game more rpg-oriented. But probably no one has a skill+will to do so.

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Ok, know I know what I did wrong. I would like to annouce that:


The reason it didn't work for me is that I overlook my decompression software settings and did't replaced gamex86.dll properly upon extraction.

I want to apologize VGames for this, I meant no harm, but "hell is paved with good intentions". I'm really sorry V, hope you'll forgive me.

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VGames Author

It's cool man. I'm not mad.

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Just so everyone knows, this mod works perfectly with the GOG version. :)

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