"If we were to choose one mod to convince you to reinstall Max it would be this one." - PC GAMER. Katana draws you into the violent and chaotic world of an Assassin on the run: - from his Order; from the shattered remains of his past; and from the haunting screams of the countless people he's murdered. Competing for his severed head are the very people he used to work with - Mercenaries, Assassins, Ninja, and good old fashioned Psychopaths. The worst mankind has to offer. Heavily influenced by popular Japanese Anime and recent movies such as Kill Bill; Katana combines Max Payne's stylish Bullet-Time with stunning, yet brutal, bladed-weapon combat. Developed by Maddieman and StratonAce, with help and support from Kenneth Yeung, Katana lifts the Max Payne engine to new heights and takes the player to new levels of pain.

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Max Payne 1 & 2 mod roundup!

Max Payne 1 & 2 mod roundup!

News 17 comments

Max Payne 3 has just blown into town like an old lover so why not reminisce about the old days by replaying the original two games.... Modified!

Thanks everyone!

News 1 comment

I'd just like to to quickly say thanks for everyone who voted for us at the 2006 mod of the year contest. We didn't qualify, but we *did* get...

Mods of 2006 - Editors' Choice

Mods of 2006 - Editors' Choice

Feature 33 comments

The gamers and players have spoken and picked their favorites and to keep things interesting, we didn't totally agree. Now it's time for the Mod DB editors...

Download Links & Support/FAQ

News 1 comment

DOWNLOAD Now that Katana is finally out, here is a list of all of the major download mirrors. FileFront Gamers Hell FilePlanet File Shack Max Payne Zone...

Katana Mod Released

News 6 comments

The hugely anticipated Katana modification for Max Payne 1 has been released. You may have heard about this mod from recent issues of PC Gamer (both UK...

Katana Site Update

News 3 comments

Sorry about the delay folks, Katana is nearly done -- just a few animations and last minute checks and I think we're there. We're looking at a week, maybe...

New forum, Katana followup, etc


Unfortunately we missed the June release, mainly because I had to go down to England for a family funeral. :/ Sorry about that, the release shouldn't...

Straton's side finished


StratonAce, mapper, scriptwriter, and voice actor for Katana has finally finished his side of the mod. All the major levels have been finished, and all...

New screenshots


The Max Payne fansite 'Deep 6' has posted some exclusive Katana screenshots on their site, which you can check out here: StratonAce has also posted half...


News 1 comment

Hi, For those of you who've not been following the modding scene for a while, for the past year Katana has been one of the few hotly tipped tcs for Max...

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