[K1] Recruit Ancient Droid Mod

This mod allows You to recruit the Ancient Rakata Droid, found inside the Dantooine Ruins. It adds him as a party member and also adds a few conversation lines with him. He replaces T3M4 as a companion aboard the Ebon Hawk. He can be equipped with any Droid weapons, armour and gear just like T3M4, the items will work normally but they will not be visible on the Droid model.
It has been tested and works fine.

This mod is compatible with K1R!

Player Guide:
In order to recruit the Ancient Droid, You must complete the challenge and acces the Star Map, and then talk again with him and a dialogue line to recruit him will appear.

I hope You enjoy it.
It is recommended to install this mod before installing other mods like K1R, Yavin IV and BOS:SR. If You have them already installed, just install Recruit Ancient Droid mod and then reinstall the other mods again!
To install, just run the TSLPatcher installer and point it to Your KOTOR I install dir!
You should have the following files inside your swkotor/Override folder:
po_p ancientdrd3.tga
po_p ancientdrd3e.tga
To uninstall the mod, just delete the following files from your Override folder:
po_p ancientdrd3.tga
po_p ancientdrd3e.tga

Do not delete the portraits.2da file, because it could be used by other mods!
Redistribution and Use:
You may re-upload this mod on other websited or here (if you have a copy of it and it is no longer hosted online), with proper credit given.
You may use this mod and associated files to include in Your own mod without asking permission, it is only required that You give credit for my mod!
It is not permitted to re-upload this mod or use it as part of your mod claiming it is your work and without giving credit.
Many Thanks To: Deadlystream Community, Kotor Tool Creators, Modding Tutorials Creators
K1R Compatibility: Yes
1.0.0 - Original Release

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[K1] Recruit Ancient Droid Mod

[K1] Recruit Ancient Droid Mod

Full Version

This mod allows You to recruit the Ancient Rakata Droid, found inside the Dantooine Ruins. It adds him as a party member and also adds a few conversation...

johnbarleycorn - - 85 comments

Who cares recuit an useless guard droid? Why nobody makes the most needed companion mod ever? That is to say, RECRUIT A JAWA!?

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