This lets you see Juni virtually everywhere, even after the final 13th story mission.

This put Juni's face on the female NPCs in most bars. She'll wear different costumes & outfits :)

The mod is designed for the many people who are upset that Juni disappears from the game after mission 13. With this mod activated, you'll be able to see her in virtually every bar. This mod can be switched on and off - it works with my existing save games.


Known issues: This is a visual effect. Your "Juni" will have a random NPC voice and accent and her lips may not open fully (which is a widely known issue with modding this game). If there are 2 female NPCs in the bar, you may see 2 Juni's. Juni's face may also appear in several of the female space encounters.

More details are in the README.txt file which is inside the downloadable mod (see download area).

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Initial release v1.0.0


I made this mod to put Juni back into the game after the final mission.

I searched and found dozens of people requesting this and asking how to find Juni after mission 13. But I couldn't find any mods to put Juni back, everything I could find about this was no longer online nor available.

This mod finally puts a Juni NPC easily accessible in nearly every bar.

From searching online in various forums I found that many players like me got upset when Juni disappears after the final story mission 13.

She's the main female protagonist and a great friend to your character Trent. The universe is much better with her around.

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Juni After Story Missions v1.0.0

Juni After Story Missions v1.0.0

Full Version

Download this to install this mod. Use Freelancer Mod Manager v1.3 to activate this mod. Or, unzip it and copy the files manually to your mod folder.


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