After a day of obligations, Jordy Lema plays some Halo matchs, achieving winning streaks. As the hours passed, fatigue invaded him, so, turning off the light in his bedroom, he proceeded to sleep. He never believed that that night he would dream something unprecedented.

Very short custom story, very well done I can tell.
This custom has a bit of lore. To enjoy it, it is necessary to read (CAUTION, NON-NATIVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE).

-- What is needed --
Amnesia TDD, Justine (version 1.3 or above)
Skybox fix (attached)
Avoid having full convertions or a lot of customs.

-- Thanks to --
Confederacy´s Nightmare. Visit mod
The Streets of London. Visit mod
White Night. Visit mod
I took and edited some ambients and monsters from these great mods.

-- Comments --
Please, this is not a "go go faster" custom, take your time, try to understand the mini lore.
I did it with dedication for an outstanding experience. If there are some bugs, please tell me.
I was inspired by the song "my way" by the Three Tenors.
At first, I made this custom as a gift, but then, I focused and expanded it with more ideas.

I really hope you enjoy it.

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I recommend you to play the Custom first, but well, have fun reading!

-- Jordy Lema --

This guy is a very very close friend of mine. I have known him since we were 13 years old, we are about to reach 30. Over time, most of my friends have drifted away, but he continues to support me to this day. Something that we highlight is our love for Amnesia (Dark Descent and Machine for pigs), I think we are the only fanlovers in my country.

Additionally, he is a big fan of DC comics, especially the Super guy with the "S" on his chest. With the recent Zack Snider movie, he is more emotional about this IP.

Funny Photo:

2013, Jordy vs The Grunt (me), good times.

-- Custom Origin --

I wasted too much time feeling inferior to trying to make a custom. The last time I tried, 5 years ago, I gave up because I don't understand programming. Even before, like 7 years ago, I tried, but my PC died, very unlucky. I swore to myself never to try it again, it discourages me to come here and see so much capable genius, and I'm just an idiot.

But this year, I had an outburst of wanting to do things from my youth, so I found the perfect excuse, and it was a birthday present for my friend. I started it in July (July 27 the goal), I learned as much as I could to give something simple as a gift to Jordy.

He loved it, we even reflected on life (as always) and we even started talking about dreams and astral travel, starting the lore of the current custom. So, studying from the best tutorials, I set out to do what seemed impossible a decade ago. The custom is no longer the simple gift it was, although it still retains certain points.

-- Time of development and difficulties --

The complete custom took me about 4 months, although to be honest, the reality should have only taken me 2. The 1st month was full learning (i didn't do anything, maybe the custom models), the 2nd I achieved most of it, but I was stuck and procrastinating the 3rd reaching the 4th, because doing all the writing was the hardest. The last 2 weeks i just translated and checked errors.

Even now I am still not satisfied with part of what has been achieved, the "MAYA 2011" that I have is 32bit and has many errors. I don't know how to get a more capable one, and incidentally, get the correct DAE exporters. In the end I used FBX exporters for DAE and thank goodness they were compatible. I tried like crazy to get Cinema 4D working for Amnesia, but I couldn't, I had to resort to the faulty Maya. It is worth mentioning that I am not an animator, modeler, programmer, none of that.


I don't even know how to animate appropriately, it was all moving bone. So horrible.

-- Lulu --

You will notice that I am very fond of Lulu. It must be understood that for me she is more than a character, and ironically I hate the game she comes from, please be useful in life and don't play it.
Yes, I'm weird. In difficult times in my life, for some reason meeting her, gave me a lot of encouragement. Now I appreciate her. Thats why she is here, the lore explain it very well.

-- The wonderful Amnesia --

I have to say, There is no better hide and seek game than Amnesia, everything about it is wonderful, there is no horror game that made me scared as much as this.

Everything is pure quality: music, Gameplay, Design, Story, Lore, Inspirations, and the ability to make customs. This last mention keeps the community alive to this day, something that its subsequent installments did not have with the same luck.

Although I must admit that Machine for Pigs is not far behind. I consider its history and Lore superior in every aspect. I expected Machine's story and Descent's gameplay to come together for a majestic sequel, but they gave Rebirth crap, no offense, the game is rubbish. It sucks so much, that in GoG it doesn't even cost $15. And in steam the game was on a promo after just 4 months, crazy.

But well, Frictional should be proud of boosting creativity. I hope in the future, developers will come out of here to make spiritual sequels worthy of Amnesia. Maybe in the future I can be part of that.


Thanks for reading.

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Jordy's Dream

Jordy's Dream

Full Version

This is the release enjoy, let me know if you have problems. Remember to read the txt file.

KiraImmortal - - 1,053 comments

It's pretty unique even in 2022, I liked it. Left my review :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Faunter Creator
Faunter - - 11 comments

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Grimcula - - 9 comments

I played it yesterday and it was very innovative !
the concept of three-dimensional dreams, it just incredible !

A perfect birthday gift for your friend, well done for your first CS.
I'll probably make one (someday maybe).

With the Remastered mod, the ambience was scary and touching.
Congrats again !

EDIT: From a guy who lives on a tropical island and is perhaps the only one who is a big fan of the Amnesia franchise, just like you !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Faunter Creator
Faunter - - 11 comments

Thank you very much for your words, I appreciate them very much. Try to create your custom, the satisfaction of achieving it, is cool.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
wizard2020 - - 360 comments

That was one great birthday gift.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Faunter Creator
Faunter - - 11 comments

Thank you. Initially, it was just a level and the surprise. But then we liked it so much that we expanded it, gave it lore, and improved it in every way for others to enjoy.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
DarkKirby17 - - 1 comments

This Map was Amazing, i just played it and i loved every aspect of it, i hope to see more maps like this in the future.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Faunter Creator
Faunter - - 11 comments

Thank you so much.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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