All you comp stompers and skirmish fans are in for a new challenge. This AI mod will effect mostly hard and brutal AI. The hard AI will be improved, but I think brutal is where you'll truly feel like you have a challenge.

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Full of hardwork, people should realize that its quite hard to modify/add an AI.


There are few AI enthusiasts and while the game was abandoned by the masses years ago this mod keeps going.


An excellent,challenging AI mod,Really never seen anything like it, keep it up!

Such a fantastic mod, changing the AI! I've not seen a mod like this ever before. I think that this is perfect for players that find Red Alert 3 too easy! I can't wait for the next update!!!

Awesome work. I am sure that even the weakest of players have only ever experienced difficulities only with the brutal AI, and a player who has at least medium game skill can beat a brutal in a 1 game out of 2. New peaks to overcome in your favourite game is always nice. And if you are a battle-hardened pro, then you definitely will like a new challenge to your "epic skillz". If this one is perfected, it will be truly a gem between all existing RA3 mods.
The greatest delight is not in the end of the way, but in the way itself. So, if our way is extended, how it could be bad? :)


A 9/10 for the hard work. 10/10 when it's done.
Judging the mod by it's own goal - to improve the AI - this mod is by far the only AI mod worth seriously playing.

It would probably win a MOTY hands down if it was included in some mod that combines introducing new units, new terrain and new balancing.


It's nice that the Ai will be smarter, and yet, not so nice. I feel that this mod can only apply to highly experienced gamers who have so mastered the game that they can take on an even stronger enemy and win.
So far this mod has not promised more units or buildings. It has not promised a new faction or new maps. It just makes the AI harder to beat, and that is definitly not a needed issue for the majority of the gaming community.


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