This mod is not for Jedi Outcast! Jedi Knight Enhanced is a graphical overhaul for the game Jedi Knight: Dark forces 2 The mod features higher poly models, and higher resolution 16 bit textures. It aims for "Quake 3 era" graphics. (Or if you prefer, similar to JO/JA) All models and sprites work with the original animations, sounds, etc. It is the aim of this mod to be compatable with vanilla Jedi Knight, as well as any other modifications and levels. At the time of the current beta (0.06) The mod has so many resources that the game can't load them all. However, a patch has been developed that allows all the resources to load. Features include: All dynamic models replaced, such as players, enemies, weapons, vehicles, and projectiles. All new higher resolution sprites. Much larger sky textures

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How to install Jedi Knight Enhanced and Re-textured 2020 better way using JKGFXMOD.

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This video shows you how to get JKE + JKR installed using the JKGFXMOD instead of the older way of doing it which was a lot harder and required extra programs sometimes to get it to work. Now with the JKGFXMOD we can bypass all the pain and get straight into the game on any modern PC. You can also add other mods using this method.


JKGFXMOD Alternative:

JKE + JKR & Patch:

FOV Wide Screen mod:

Hud Mod:

JKHud Other Mods:

JKD2 More Mods:

Of course the main reason for installing the JKGFXMod is to get full 32 bit graphical textures! which is why I recommend installing the JKGFXMOD with the Upscale Texture pack. Find that installation guide below!

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