You are a rabbit with big guns and a bad attitude. All of Hare-Kind is in great danger, after finding out those terrible turtles you fought years ago are back again to make life miserable. Stop them before all (S)Hell breaks loose!

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A great mod if ever there was one! We finally get the Jazz Jackrabbit 3D game that Epic denied us.


V0RPAL says

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if their was an alternate universe. This would definiately be the official game sequel to Jazz Jackrabbit.

:) Great work mate!


Now this is good, very good


Lusta says

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Jazz is back!

This TC is very well made. The jumping feels bouncy and free. The weapons feel powerful. The level design is fairly good, with a few cramped ones. A fantastic mod overall with few down sides.

Rare to see these TC nowadays from old glories... 10 also for the courage!

so cool!


Great job, superb attention to details.

This more than a mod.


Gaia74 says

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Nice work! <3

It deserves it, goddammit.

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