This mod started out as a compilation of all those other mods that add new styles to Jade Empire. Eventually I figured out how to add styles myself and added a few more. All in all there's around 40 styles now. 50 if you count weapon upgrades as well. Quite a lot of styles have been modified. Some have been re-balanced. To others I've added new effects. And some have been re-purposed entirely. But I didn't stop at adding and modding styles either. There are new gem armors, new techniques, new merchants, brand new concepts like specializations... I can say without the slightest bit of exaggeration, that this is the largest mod for Jade Empire out there. In fact: It is many times larger than all other mods combined and that is not just because it *contains* so many other mods. The last time I checked the codebase totaled to 25,000 lines. In other words: This mod is a complete overhaul.

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Dec 13 2012 Anchor

This may be a bit premature as I haven't even started using your mod yet but I just wanted to thank you for your work. I stumbled upon your site by accident and after reading about your mod, I found myself agreeing with essentially every change you made. One of my problems with vanilla JE was that I felt the game restricted my style choices by introducing some too late in the game, or making you choose between two styles, preventing you from learning the other. I think your mod (especially with the cheat editor) will alleviate those issues for me. I'd also like to mention how happy I am to see that your mod rewards the player for their performance in fight by granting a higher chance of learning a style, and granting style points from combat. I just starting playing vanilla again for nostalgia's sake and to celebrate the end of exams, but I can't wait to get your mod working.

In conclusion, thank you for all the time and effort you've put in collecting so many different mods and adding your own changes. I know there aren't a lot of people playing JE to appreciate it, but I do.

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