This mod started out as a compilation of all those other mods that add new styles to Jade Empire. Eventually I figured out how to add styles myself and added a few more. All in all there's around 40 styles now. 50 if you count weapon upgrades as well. Quite a lot of styles have been modified. Some have been re-balanced. To others I've added new effects. And some have been re-purposed entirely. But I didn't stop at adding and modding styles either. There are new gem armors, new techniques, new merchants, brand new concepts like specializations... I can say without the slightest bit of exaggeration, that this is the largest mod for Jade Empire out there. In fact: It is many times larger than all other mods combined and that is not just because it *contains* so many other mods. The last time I checked the codebase totaled to 25,000 lines. In other words: This mod is a complete overhaul.

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This mod breathes life back into Jade Empire. Full of surprises and fun stuff, if you feel like taking the good old Jade Empire for a spin like you did back in those golden years, take this mod with you. It fits seamlessly into the game.

I don't really remember everything this mod added, because I last played it one year ago..but I do remember I truly loved it. So any Jade Empire fan can surely give this mod a try, because it's damn worth it.


The only flaw I found was I felt pressured to strive for perfection, but I quickly learned that not every fight has to be perfect in order to competently level my character. The addition of the Incomplete Master Gem that makes it easier to gain styles really helps a lot, and the game really comes alive as a martial arts epic where you learn from every fight.


Its a good mod, the thing that really bugs me is that eventually you run out of ways to increase your power besides leveling up... maybe add in more techniques to the game that one can buy from that "hard to come by items" shop, the best one I find is the one that increases the speed of all martial styles.


Amazing. This mod expands the game so much! It can change the entire way the game is played without harming the story or a first time experience playing it! Its like an expansion pack that offers a new playing style. Absolutely mind-blowing.


Given the difficulty modding this game and the amount of refinements implemented it's hard to rate it anything less than a 10.

There are a few bugs that I found however, Jade Empire seems to be a much harder game to mod than usual so I think 10 is appropriate for difficulty alone.

Incredible mod. It's a totally different game, actually, and the dialogs with the new npcs are fun too. :D

I guess I'm one of the few lucky ones that didn't find any major bugs yet (still playing through chapter 3), but regarding this mod, it really brings a fresh breeze to an otherwise fun but constrictive old game.

Thanks, Pecoes, keep up the good work.


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