This mod started out as a compilation of all those other mods that add new styles to Jade Empire. Eventually I figured out how to add styles myself and added a few more. All in all there's around 40 styles now. 50 if you count weapon upgrades as well. Quite a lot of styles have been modified. Some have been re-balanced. To others I've added new effects. And some have been re-purposed entirely. But I didn't stop at adding and modding styles either. There are new gem armors, new techniques, new merchants, brand new concepts like specializations... I can say without the slightest bit of exaggeration, that this is the largest mod for Jade Empire out there. In fact: It is many times larger than all other mods combined and that is not just because it *contains* so many other mods. The last time I checked the codebase totaled to 25,000 lines. In other words: This mod is a complete overhaul.

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May 28 2013 Anchor

Hi there, I am loving this mod so far, but I think I have run into a problem that seemingly is not fixed even though it's been addressed once before in this forum.

I alreayd beat the game one as OP, and so I am now playing through as CF and am stuck at the end scene with the Water Dragon. We go through all the dialogue where I decide to poison the Water Dragon with Silk Fox's blood, but when the Water Dragon calls out for the group to struggle and fight, once the dialogue ends, everyone just stands there and no fight begins. :cry:

I already checked the Fights That Do Not End thread, and tried the fix linked there, dropping the file into my override. When I reloaded, it still didn't fix the problem. Should I send you the saved game?

I am greatly saddened because I really was enjoying the game and the modded enhancements. I would love to continue and resolve the game. Is Pecoes still active and checking these forums?

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