It Came From Red alert! is a mod that brings the original Command & Conquer: Red Alert into Red alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. All versions require Red alert 2: Yuri's Revenge V1.001. The current, and likely final, version is Pre-release Candidate 1 (PRC1) which does not require any additional community patches. The mod originally started as a coding-only mod so that I could play something resembling Red Alert with the newer interface features like right click scrolling and turned into something way beyond that. It's been consistently popular since the first version was released with a steady trickle of views and downloads even to this day. Thank you all for the kind comments the mod has received over the years and I'm sorry I never managed to finish it, especially as it got so close to being totally done.

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Information on the various versions of the mod that have been released so far.

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Version Information

Beta Release 1 - December 1st 2006 - 6208 Downloads (via the mod website)
Beta 1 included 95% of the non graphical coding (weapons, warheads, units, structures, etc), alot of the sounds from RA, the proper skirmish countries and miscellaneous changes. It also included early graphics for the Artillery, APC, Light Tank, V2, Ore Trucks and MCVs, with other graphics being placeholders to be changed later.
A change list is available in the release notes.

Beta Release 2 - January 2nd 2007 - 31002 Downloads(via the mod website)
Beta 2 fixes alot of errors/oversights from Beta 1 in the coding and sound departments. It also introduces alot of new graphics.
A change list is available in the release notes.

Beta Release 2.5 * - January 7th 2007 - 8790 Downloads (via the mod website)
Beta 2.5 fixes some serious errors in R2, aswell as some smaller bugs.
A change list is available in the release notes.

Beta Release 3 ** - 14th October 2007
Beta 3 adds a whole host of new and improved things.
A change list is available in the release notes.

Pre Release Candidate 1 - 20th December 2012
PRC1 was a release mostly including fixes and some cleaning up - notably the removal of the requirement for any additional patches, a fix for the Tesla Coil firing incorrectly and the forcing of the remappable style vehicle graphics that were previous found in the Retro mode.
A change list is available in the release notes.

* - Requires Rock Patch 1.08SE.
** - Requires NPatch Special Edition #0019.

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