'Is Alive' is a modification for Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. There are new recipes, new monsters, new monster abilities, new locations, new quests, end-game dungeon and the most important - the game is much more difficult. No new character skills, no new acts, no new characters, no new uniques, no new sets, no new runewords. 'Is Alive' isn't a total conversion mod, and it never will be. The mod can be downloaded as D2SE modplugin. Extract the file and the folder 'IsAlive' just copy into 'MODS' folder in your Diablo 2 folder :) Enjoy ;)

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What is this mod about? What is its purpose? Why should you play it? Is this mod developed for your kind of gamer? And what about future of the mod? For answering these questions, read the article and discover the mod.

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Why do I write this article?

Well, that is quite easy to answer. I'm feeling the need of sharing my ideas, mod concept and future with you. People around ModDB are helping me spread the mod as they can. And I really appreciate it. So I am writing this for you, for all who want to know more.

What is this mod about?

This is one of the most important questions. Is Alive is a mod, which is in many ways very strict, so as the original concept could be kept. For example, there are and never will be new unique and set items in the mod. Same as new runes, runewords, skills or rare charms. Why? The answer is very simple. The mod is designed to make Diablo alive, especially for, let's say, experienced players. To show, that Diablo 2 has a lot to offer, even now, 14 years after first release. What does it mean? In this mod, I focus on playability. The feeling during playing the mod. The atmosphere. Challenges. The difficulty. Preserving principles of original Diablo. Sorry, no new items as many people expected.

So... what's new then?

Many things, such as monsters (also new monster abilities and properties), levels (new end-game level), quests, gemwords, inventory, crafting system and lots more. This is something I'm really proud of. This all shows, that Is Alive is not a kind of mod which engages you by screenshots or videos. This is something you need to try, to experience to see its true purpose.

Dead BrainGemword StormInventory

What is its purpose?

To enjoy the game of course :)
To drag you into the game. To offer you new challenges. To make you think and do some strategy, because it can be sometimes really hard.

Why should I play it?

To try something new. To beat the game and be beaten. To enjoy the difficulty. To see Diablo from a different perspective.

Is this mod for me?

Well, it is not for everyone. Not for people, who don't like challenges. Also I expect you to have some experiences in Diablo 2. The easiest way to recognise it is to try it. All you need to download is D2SE Modmanager and the mod (the size is only 2 MB).

Diablo 2: Is Alive Mod - Delta (29.6.2014)


The current version is Delta, which modifies normal and nightmare difficulty. The plan is to make two more versions - Omega, the version that modifies also hell difficulty, and finally the v1.0, that also adds undepreciated end-game system.

Only normal and nightmare difficulties are modified?

Yes. But don't worry... when you start a character, the character doesn't move as fast as in vanilla. Both difficulties may take you about 50 hours. And that is just one character! Of course, you can wait for the final version... but for now, you can taste the mod and see, if you like it...

Ready for end-game location?

My message to fans

Please be patient. The upcoming Omega version, I guess, takes me a half year, and the final version another half. If you like it, don't keep it just for yourself. If you are a streamer, I'd appreciate your help via videos.

Hope you like this summary, and if you want to ask something, just ask ;)
I'd be glad to respond you.

Thank you for your patience and support, enjoy the mod, and see you in Sanctuary ;)


Waauuv, this looks Amaaziing / Fantastic :-)

Personally I can't wait for the Final / Official release of your new Mod :-)

Some suggestions to a Future Version:

- Please also make it possible to play Diablo II LOD in higher resolutions than The Standart resolutions (640x480 and 800x600). Here it could be great to play in 1024x768 or 1280x1024.

- Please also make it possible for Diablo II LOD to make use of more Physical Memory as a Buffer if you have more Physical Memory than 2GB.

Personally I have 12GB Physical Memory in My Machine & my brother has 6GB in His Machine.

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ZOMB_ Author

Thank you :)

...and to to suggestions:
1) Higher resolutions - I've thought about it earlier and rejected it
Why? Higher resolutions create this kind of black corners in the screen and advatage missile characters...
BUT... these problem are no problems anymore, because the mod is so dark, that you wouldn't even notice these black corners and the missile character problem is solved as well :)
So my answer is: maybe
There are more important things to me in the mod than higher resolution, I am trying to impress by content and not by form ;)

2) I don't see any point in it
Diablo 2 is not a kind of game that needs it in my opinion
If I'm wrong, correct me please ;)

Thank you for your reaction and enjoy the mod ;)

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