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TENTATIVE RELEASE DATE for BETA 1 is September 1, 2008.

Iraq War: Global Conflict mod adds Iraq as a playable faction and will also feature a campaign with Iraqi forces fighting in cities and deserts of Iraq. Although Iraq will be the main focus, the mod will feature ten playable countries including USA, EU, Russia, China, Iran, and many other Middle Eastern and European countries. Each country will feature wide range of tanks and aircrafts that match the arsenal of respective countries and weapons that will be at countries' disposal in near future. Players will be able to unleash hell with their favourite country and their unique weaponry.

This mod is developed by PCC. PCC is an acronym for Peace Commander Center which is the name of the modding studio led by Omar Abdul Kader; otherwise known as "PCCManager". At the moment PCC works include the Iraq War: Global Conflict mod for Zero Hour and a scheduled joint project lead by PCCManager and KniveZ, a modification for either C&C3 or RA3 called The Day After.

Iraq War: Global Conflict mod will feature:

At least 4 new sides: Iraq, USA, Russia, and Iran.
New weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and structures for each side.
New voices.
New maps.
New intro video.
Realistic weapon ranges.
Realistic vehicle behaviour and engagement.
Strategic game play experience.
Overall balanced sides.
And, possible naval units.

It is important to mention that MOD DB is a secondary home to Global Conflict mod. Our mod is hosted on SIte members get access to special content such as video clips, image gallery, and wallpaper downloads that are often not shown on MOD DB. Furthermore, they get to discuss mod related matters on the site's forum. So, if you are interested, please give us a visit.

We need more people on the team especially modellers, texture artists and skinners, graphic artists for creating candy wallpapers and voice actors. Contact me (rezz) if you would like to help.

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August 08, 2008

Hey folks,

Here we come again with yet another big update; mostly for generals and commanders who did not visit our site regularly. The fanatic conquerors and visitors are well aware of all changes, additions, and scheduled deadlines. Let me start by our new home. Oh, YeAaH! New PCC site is up but this time on a paid server with privately owned forum. So we are more stable electronically and look nicer "webly". The Black Ice theme is the new look! Make sure you visit our new home and register to the forum cause you will be visiting us more often because we are close to releasing the very first Beta version of the mod with US and Iraq factions near complete. We need you to address all the bugs and unfair game-plays so we fix them in the second Beta of the mod. Of course, the BiG question as usual "When will this mod get released?" Tentative release date is September 1, 2008 - that coincides with first of the holy month of Ramadhan on the Islamic lunar calendar. Stay tuned then. And now, to the new additions:

We have made lots of progress since the last update you've read on our MODDB profile. We have finished many of the armored vehicles, some neutral capp-able civilian buildings to be added as battlefield objectives, new maps, and have planned new game modes. So here we go:

Capture-able Civilian Structures
Civilian structures provide power and reinforcement to the players (when captured of course!) But the amount of power or reinforcement received by the player is different due nature of the structure:

Big Power Plants (provide HIGH power)
Oil Power Plant
Wind Power Plant
Solar Power Plant

Small Power Sources (provide MEDIUM power)
Gas Station

Other Structures
(Provide Reinforcement)
Small Airport (provide supplies and aircrafts)
Train Station (provide supplies and armored vehicles)

If you would like to suggest for new civilian buildings and their powers, please go to our forum -> MOD TALK section, and create a thread for this subject.

Models by rezz

Armoured Units

Iranian Safir-74 tank which is improved and significantly modified T-55. These are upgraded with night scopes, ERS shields, and significant accuracy improvements. They can be served as Iran's first line of tanks early in the game to stand enemy APCs, and light vehicles because they have stronger armament and armor. Later in the game, player can get the modified T-72S and if Special Army Technology is acquired, player can utilize the heavy Zulfiqar MBT which competes with today's modern heavy tanks like British Challenger II and French Leclerc. Safir-74 is sometimes referred to as T-72Z, but to avoid making mistakes between this tank and T-72S, we will simply refer to it as "Safir-74".

Model by rezz

Iranian self-propelled artillery unit, the Ra'ad. Its turret somehow resembles U.S.'s M109. But in this Iranian model, the turret is actually mounted on a Boragh (BMP-1) chases. In the mod, the unit comes standard with the Ra'ad-1 shells and can be upgraded to the more stronger Ra'ad-2 shells later in the game. Ra'ad artillery along with Zulfiqar Z3 main battle tank and Tor-M1 are Iran's heaviest ground vehicles. These will be available to the player with Special Armored Technology. If this technology is not acquired, player will still have access to T-72S main battle tank, Boragh APC, and Cobra mobile AA gun.

Model by rezz

The Iranian Anti Ship Truck is assembled in Iran itself. It can hold between 1 to 4 Kowsar (C-701) or Noor (C-802) Anti Ship Missiles. The model we created can take 4 missiles. The standard unit will carry the short-medium range C-701 Kowsar missiles. When upgraded, it will carry the medium-long range C-802 Noor missiles. The truck needs to sit properly before launching its missile(s). C-802 Noor isn't just a surface-to-sea missile. It can also be fired from aircrafts or even navy helicopters like SH-3 SeaKing. In this mod, Iran's MiG-29A will be capable of firing two Noor anti-ship missiles in addition to two Qadr anti-tank bombs and two modified Hawk anti-air missiles when fully upgraded. But since aircrafts are costly, you can use the truck instead to counter enemy battleships.

Model by rezz

Omar, PCC Studio Manager, Helal and Kamal have together modeled and rendered models among which are new civilian buildings, Iraqi SAM-3 AA Missiles, U.S. RG-33, and many more. RG33 is featured in the new mod video clip. Ohh, yeah, how could I forget! We have a new video featuring the latest models.

Models by Helal & renders by Kamal

RG33 Model by Omar & render by Kamal

Global Conflict Mod Intro Video by KniveZ
Link to Old Video by Omar, PCC Studio Manager
Link to New Video by Omar, PCC Studio Manager

Our old time lead modeler, Hamdi, a.k.a KniveZ, have created even more maps. Al Najaf was one of the largest maps ever created for CnC Generals, that was 900 by 900. Well, he created another gigantic map of same size but this time featuring Al Basrah! Second map features the great Kubra Dam map of Battlefield. So, there is catch for Battlefield fans too. Other two maps: Lion of Babylon and Storming Damascus are 2-player infantry-only maps focusing on large urban battles, otherwise, known as Harb Al Shaware3 in Arabic where infantry forces move from street to street and building to building with modern and sometimes guerilla tactics to take the enemy out!

Maps by KniveZ

You probably may have noticed that Infantry maps is one of the several game modes featured in Iraq War mod. Other planned modes are "Ace Combat Mode" and "Catch Ragheb Jamal". In Ace Combat mode, every player starts with a large sum of money, but not too much, so he must spend it wisely. How this works is one player starts with a city he has to defend with a number of units given to him to protect the skies and a war factory to build extra units to defend his City. The second player is on an island with 3 airfields and enough cash to build an air force capable of leveling the enemy city. That player must level every building, using planes, before the time runs out. When the time runs out, even if one building stands, the defending player wins. If the attacking player destroyed the entire city before the time runs out, he wins.

In Catch Ragheb Jamal mod, a defending player controls a small town in the mountains and has a powerful entrenchments in the city but only one war factory and barracks to reinforce it. However the objective is not the town, but one soldier who has important intel. The Attacking player has to find and destroy the soldier hiding in the town (which can be controlled by the defending player, and may hide in buildings) before the he sends all his Data to HQ and the time runs out. If the attacking player finds and kills the soldier before time runs out he loses, but the Defending AI will get heavy AA and equipment to protect against enemy's superior air force.

Alright, on behalf of the PCC dev team, I wish you all good health. Stay tuned as we get closer to the released of the Beta. Visit our new home and register and let us know what you think. We welcome all those with modding skills.

Credits goes to PCC dev team (in no particular order): Omar, Rezz, Hamdi, Helal, Kamal, Humam, Wessam, Mustafa, Omar Ghayeb, Abdo, Lutfy "namman", firemission, Ayman, mody_music, Mohammad Mu'een, Ali, and all those whom I might have forgotten.

Wa ma tawfiq illa bi Llah


News Update on Our Website

News Update on Our Website


PCC Site News update, new mod pictures, new music.

New Iranian Structures, a New Map and Sample Mod Music.

New Iranian Structures, a New Map and Sample Mod Music.

News 9 comments

A new map, sample mod music, and new models of Iran's structures.

New Skinned Models and Announcing New Projects

New Skinned Models and Announcing New Projects

News 3 comments

This update presents new and old skinned models, announcement of site updates and announcement of future PCC projects.

Late Arrival of New Year's Update

Late Arrival of New Year's Update


In short: virus Attack, new models, new map, audio work, and pictures.

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الله اكبر
عاش العراق عاش
اللهم انصرنا على الدواعش
اللهم امين

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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Guys, I spoke with Omar, the lead developer of this mod. The laptop carrying all the information and models was destroyed in a bombing. Keep in mind, this mod was under development in Iraq.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

the irony...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What happened to the team? Did someone get injured?
Then there is no hope to continue that mod. Except if someone took over the project before.
I found that Middle East Conflict 2 mod which is quite similar like this one.
Could it be the same?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

انتو سويتو خوش شغلة;D
"حمدالله عالسلامة مايخالف "انما الاعمال بالنييات

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nice ideas waiting it :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hi man i am waiting for you bro i love this mod and i want it so mush pleas man make it come to live again i want to play this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

thanks ali , glad to hear that

okay people we have new page and new screens

this page is dead


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

once again this mod is still alive!!! as the leader of the pcc modders i conform that this mod is still alive and will live as long as i live!

i promised that i will release this mod even if its not finished!

3 things i have to say

1- rezz . i tried contacting him many time and he didn't respond! who don't know rezz he is the half of this mod he knows the password of this page and thats why theres no updates , i did many updates but i can't post it on this page because i don't know the password of IW mod's page

2- the game engine can't hold this mod so im decreasing almost 90% of the models polys and making new effects that doesn't affect the game engine

3- and i don't know how many times i should repeat this , the team and all of the team expect me and my brother are out! thats mean they quit
so when theres no updates that doesn't mean the mod is dead
its alive and just exit the game ( actually i was testing new mig-25s and the all new bloom and environment effects ) but as i said that the game engine doesn't handle the mod well there are lots of lags im playing the mod on a super PC with intle core I7 and nvidia GTX 512

if you guys wanna see a video let me know post your opinion here

and i will post some screens using links next few days keep your eyes opened!


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salam bro ^_^ please release the newest videos ^_^ we all are like to watch it very much ^_^

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