HunCraft Genocide is the most detailed unofficial expansion pack for StarCraft: Brood War. It has 3 new units, new heroes and special buildings in the campaign, 3 new campaign episodes (26 missions and a hidden mission), more than 40 new multiplayer maps and some small changes. Though the most StarCraft expansion packs can be used in use map settings, this game has own exe file, menus and new map file format (hcx). It does not change anything to your original StarCraft installation, but needed to be in the same directory. There is a bugfix patch for it which make some balances in the game. Single player can be described with mass battles and especially difficulty. The story continues after Brood War, when admiral DuGalle has committed suicide and Kerrigan has regained control of the Zerg forces. According to Brood War epilogue, no UED ships returned to Earth, but some UED forces remained on Char. The game starts with exactly the same prologue which Brood War has as an epilogue.

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Alex_06 says

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Quality over quantity mod. New units fill in gaps of each race without being OP. Not to much new content, no change in mechanics - this is absolutely fantastic!

If only it was also available in English, as well.

Phenomenal campaign with relatively good plot and great voice acting. (Spoilers below)

(SPOILERS - Too many characters die too quickly IMO, but I can't argue that this is a good or bad thing - plot-wise, everything still works pretty well.)


miklosgo says

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awesome mod


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