Re-creation of the helper program, now the new program will have a structure that is good and understandable for me.

In the 1.0 version of the program, all Callbacks are available, and I'm already adding event packs!


  1. Simplification and acceleration of the scripting process
  2. Create a base for your story with speed and comfort!
  3. Program customization included
  4. Easy to add events
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HPL2 Tool-Helper Custom Events

Installers Tutorial

Case sensitive, and scripts with notes should be in one line!
The program contains internal names of input text boxes:
Obj ("Entity")

There are also codenames:
Script - is responsible for the code that will appear, in order to get the text that was entered by the user, it is enough to write the internal name there. Example: AddNote("Item", "Item2");
Note - this is a note that will help the user understand what the text boxes are responsible for, Example: Item - the name of the timer, Item2 - time in seconds, and the function to call.

So, in order to add your own event, you need to open the Events file in the ToolHelperCore folder with any text editor (I recommend Notepad++). Scroll down to the end, and put square brackets and between them the name of your event, example: [SetPlayerHealth]. Then press enter to skip a line, and then you need to specify which input boxes to use, this is done like this:


With this text, we show the program which input boxes to include. Now we need to add the code after copying it from


The program automatically replaces the final scripts with internal names for what the user entered in the program.
And finally, let's add our comment!

Note=Modifies/returns the health of the player.

Now you need to save the file and restart the program, your new event will immediately appear and function as it should!

If you want to connect other events from users, you need to download them and copy and paste them into your Events file.

It doesn't matter from which input text box you take and paste into your script, that is, you have as many as 6 variables ready for use! They can be used more simply by explaining with notes.

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HPL2 Tool Helper 1.0

HPL2 Tool Helper 1.0

Installer Tool

HPL2 Tool-Helper, The program specializes in speeding up and simplifying the process. Companion of the old program HPL2 Multi-Tool. The previous version...

jgedri - - 2 comments

How do I actually create the mod's folders, instead of an empty folder? There are no instructions.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Braka. - - 24 comments

this seems like a very useful tool, but my pc automatically recongizes this as a virus, should i open it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Step[a]n Creator
Step[a]n - - 39 comments

It can't contain a virus.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
LloydIsGolden - - 40 comments

I really appreciate that you made this because I am really bad at scripting so thank you so much.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Step[a]n Creator
Step[a]n - - 39 comments


Reply Good karma+3 votes
xarox02 - - 131 comments

seems like a way to script easier perfect continue on perfecting it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Step[a]n Creator
Step[a]n - - 39 comments

I agree, even if the program will not be so popular, but ordinary people will be able to try to understand the modding!

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