**WARNING +18** After turning down the Gman's offer of employment, you managed to escape using an intergalactic teleporter that returned you to Earth. Hiding out within the inner city, you soon believe that the Gman is no longer interested in you. A calm peaceful feeling begins to replace the fear, terror and horror that overwhelmed you during your nightmare with Black Mesa, the soldiers and the Xen species. Feeling confident that it is now safe to return home to your wife and look up some old friends, you make your way back to the old neighbourhood. - By Grey Dog

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This reminds me of Duke Nukem 3D, and not just because there are a few sounds we hear in the beginning from it. It has a few things borrowed from it, like a higher emphasis on finding secrets than any other incarnation of the simple hl mods we’re accustomed to, it also has a slightly higher level interactivity having us prod everything… it even has the finding the right colored key cards (which is the only thing that should not have been taken from DN3D in my opinion, gamers have grown passed that).
There are some neat weapons though some clearly where taken from TFC or from gamebanana. I do find it quite fun while it lasted. Each level was unique (eventhough there was a little to much Quake 2 textures for my taste, while I love the old school shooters Quake 2 had the ugliest colour scheme I’ve ever seen that had no variety).

But that along with the invisible grunts at the end which annoyed me to hell and back is the only bad things I can say about it.
The storyline was decent, though I would have preferred to read some books like I thought I would be, and the level design is good for the most part eventhough I thought the moonbase could have been better.
I had fun before the end mission came up so I think that its worth the play. Its quite different to the previous one Adam by the same author.


Weperlol says

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A nice mod with a good length, and it seems like the developer got ***** alot when making this mod XD

it has some annoying invisible grunt but they only appear in the last mission and the story is really weird because apparently gman is your father and stuff.

it does have some good cutscenes as well and the mapping is decent.


Awesome classics!

I really enjoyed and liked this awesome mod mainly because it has some old school style stuff, its challenging and becuse unlike Elitesse and ThePhysicist, I'm not a ******.

8/10 overall score.
-1 for invisible soldiers.
-1 for linux.


Meh, I liked the beginning but then I came across a ton of porn and decided to stop playing. sorry :/

hour glass 10/10 =)

Gave me a few nice flashbacks to Duke Nukem 3D, and it was far more enjoyable and well detailed then Adam, even if the story is far more insane and the Pornographic scenes come back with a vengeance D:

Nice work, if only Grey Dog didn't quit modding after the release of Hour-Glass :(

I had fun with this one.



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