Hobo Life is a Source Modification. The character your'e playing as is a Random Homeless Man. Your objective is to find Weapons scattered around the Town and to steal Citizens Items. You can sell items or buy them.

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Pretty fun but would be better if it was longer, had more maps, more content, more scripted events, etc. Just overall more gameplay elements.

best mod

bad xd


The game is empty and there is nothing interresting. You kill fews NPCs (like... 7), get only 2 weapons and put a TV on a kind of trash for open a portal



Best Mod i had ever played! i recommend it to everyone


i have no idea how to play this :D
im kind of new to this modding thing so i already downloaded it but i dont know how to play it...


Best Hobo SourceTM Simulator ever! And first one i ever played

Oh, very very bad mod. My mod "Save the Monk" is much better.


hobolifeshit says

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