HL2 Fear of the Dark is a singelplayer mod based on the latest source engine. You will follow Gordon Freeman through a five chapter thrilling storyline around the Half-life universe. The combine soldiers are still haunting for world domination and are currently working on a new dangerous weapond which you have to locate and destroy in order to save the world. But you aren´t working alone, you have friends and people behind your back who are setting their lives to help you.But this is just half of the misery. The headcrabzombies we all know from the HL2 series are still not extinct and the headcrabs are coming back in bigger crews than ever before which both you and the Combines soon will find out.You and your friends plan counter the Combines, sadly get a very bad start and you end up in a very dark and foggy forest, beaten and alone with nothing more than a pistol and a few rounds. It´s the worst condition you can find, but this is where the game beginns...

You finaly wakes up after what feels like an interity. You trying to stand up but you falling back on the ground with both hands on your head.The headaches are unbearable and you´re feeling dissy.You looking around and trying to remember what has happend. It´s very dark around you. Your clock seems to be broken but you guess It´s around 2am by now or somewhere close to midnight. You are sitting on an old road in the middle of a forest and there is a dense fog hanging in the air which is limiting your view. The roadlights doesn´t help much either, their gloomy light just makes the dark forest even more scary. You trying to rise yourself up again; this time it feels better and you manage to keep yourself on your feets. The fog has made the air wet and cold and you are shuddering with both arms close to your body to keep your heat.Your memories and thoughts slowly start to flow back to you but you still don´t know how in hell you ended up here. Your mind working like never before, trying to put the puzzle together but when you turning around for a better view of the area, you allready know all aswers.You falling down on your knees, it felt like someone had throwed a bowlingball into your chest. The Combine soldiers had kidnapped you and with a truck taken you through the woods. The weather was probably not on their side either and they crashed into a fallen tree. This explains your pain and temporary memoriy loss. You walk up and open the driver door. The combine soldier which drove the truck is dead, the co driver aswell.You remember how you were attacked, how you tried to defend your friends and you remember your mission, your peoples plan to save the world. The operation which also might be the reason why you where kidnapped. You take the gun from the dead driver and taking a deap breath. You´re lycky to be alive but the battle isn´t lost yet. You know what you should do. You know who you fight for.
You swallow the pain in youre chest and walking away through the darkness...
You don´t know where you´re going but you will soon find out...


  • Four well designed chapters
  • A well planned storyline
  • Some new textures/decals/sprites and skymaterials
  • New sounds
  • Custom Voice acting
  • HDR
  • Hopefully some new models
  • "Ironsight" on all necessary weapons
  • One-Four new weapons
  • Puzzles
  • Both Night and Daylight gameplay

Will be revealed very soon!

I haven´t set a deadline yet but I´m aiming to get everything ready untill summer 2011. I have allready been working on this mod for over a Year now so I´m sure I will put everything together, It´s too late to quit now. I have many years of experience back on the source engine so I´m usually work very fast but the reason work very slow now is that I have other Projects that is more important and allso the fact that this ain´t my "main" project. It´s summer time now aswell so I will probably not spend much time on this front but keep tuned!

More information and mod related stuff will be uploaded very soon, I´m still getting used to this site aswell.

Cheers / Alex

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#Update 27/11 2010

News 3 comments

Hello everyone! Nope the mod is not dead.

I had planned to post this update directly after the summer but other things like School, friends, family and other projects called for my time so I never did. I'm not much of a writer but I'm glad that I finaly took time to post this update. As you may know I'm working on this project standalone with a team including just myself and I rather spend the time I have on the actual developing instead on posting updates every week. On the other hand if I never show off any updates how could I get community feedback? Take this update as a teaser of what to come, I have spent a lot of time on other areas since the summer which all going to be brought to light in a bigger update in January. So stay close!

Update 1#

The update that should have been posted *cough* three months ago

The main storyline behind the project/mod is now finished and I have a new set of chapters all planned out. I'm not going to dig into any details about them but I'll give you a fast description.

Chapter presentation

Chapter One: Fear of the Dark
The first chapter in the mod, including the darkest part of the mod with the "*still unnamed* forest" and the spooky mansion you can see on some of the pictures.

Chapter Two: The underground
Basically a bridge between the First and third chapter but includes a set of puzzles and more "dark" gameplay.

Chapter Three: Sunrise
I don't want to give out any information on this one yet. I'm sorry this going to be a suprise.

Chapter Four: Combine HQ (temporarily name*)
The final fight against the combines. Includes alot of fast paced gameplay and a few bigger puzzles.

Chapter Five: Run
The title says it all, run! This is the mod finale and epic centrum. That's all I'm going to say.

Totaly five chapters with mixed settings, daytime and nighttime gameplay and alot of puzzles.

There's a lot of work that have to be done over a big range of topics but I do what I can to work it through. What I have spent most time on recently though, is the finishing of the huge building in the first chapter. Well the second part of the house to be precise.

The main goal with this part is to give the right mood to the player and combine it with a little bit of mystery why you are there, what has happend there and what was going on there in the first place.
Because at the time you end up there everything is dead, dark and haunted...

I'll post a pair of picture here for the posts sake but a dozen more going to be uploaded in the media archive so remeber to take a look at them as well.

Beta footage

Beta footage

The story behind this building are going to be blured in the game but I'm going to post a brief description of the backstory next update for you who might be interested.

That's it for this time, have a nice Christmas and stay tuned for the big update in January.
Cheers! / Alex

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I'm betting it's dead now?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Hi so you play as citizen/rebel ?

btw dont put HEV and gravity gun in the mod please(like usualy most of modders here do) and also the buggy or jelopy

+1 tracker :)

and how many % is completed or when is planned to be released ?

:D also how many maps are

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Alex-a12 Creator

Since I'm a HL fan the original plan was to base everything around Gordon and the HL universe.
But since I started on this project I've had some splitted thoughts about it. 55% of me want to go for a traditional "Gordon saves the world - mod" and 45% for something more original. I try to leave the story quite open during the development so I still can replace gordon with a custom character if I wish. To answer you question; You're going to play either as Gordon Freeman or a Citizen (which still stands to see).

Hev & GravityGun?; depends on the decision above.(Y/N)
The buggy wont be in the mod but a modified version of the jalopy will.

3# Thank you for Tracking!

4# It's har to judge in percent but the mod will not be released this summer as planned because of lack of time on my side. I can't say a date stright up but somewhere at the end of this year.

5# There going to be a total of 5 chapters in the game, depending on size and used resources they will be splitted up into smaller load points.(2 - 3 / chapter)

I hope I covered everything in there ^^.

Cheers! and again excuse me for delaying the promised update.

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Ok well please dont put to play as Freeman (i mean Valve set him)
Can you make to play as rebel/citizen

Its your desision as you wish :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Summer 2011 ?!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Alex-a12 Creator

hopefully Yes. a big update will come soon

Reply Good karma+1 vote

super :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Really dark map, I like it.
The features also are very promisig, so I'll track it!

BTW: @ Jonny, did you make that Icon yourself, or can you tell me where to get that pic?^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

dead mod?

im tracking in case if its not dead

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Alex-a12 Creator

Nope I just added it to moddb :P

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