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HeXen "The Land of the Serpent Riders" is the sequel of Hexen 2 portal of pareveus, the story is about alcanor, the last apprentice of Serpent Riders mage, he gets all the bodies of his masters and return them into hellish, the home of the serpent riders


The 2nd Public beta is out to play after some time

Public Beta 2.0
justinjaco769 - - 15 comments

im stuck i have all five planets and the daemon codex n silver key i have no effin clue where to use the codex or the five planets or the other book i have please help n where if emerald key...maybe it has to do with all the stuff i have please help

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justinjaco769 - - 15 comments

Ok I've passed that how do I fight the optional boss in the secret hub I've completed it enough to encounter him I just don't understand what he means by pillars ...which pillars?

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

is there any release date set?

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Conmiester - - 68 comments

It's been awfully quiet for 2 years now, so the whole release date remains uncertain. In that case, the project is still slowly being improved despite there's A LOT of things that are wrong in this version. Of course, Taurustar_Drakest is still dealing with reality stuff (most of the time) which that means I've been contributing this project for a long while. I could post a update progress about it but it'll happen eventually.

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