Name: Exion type Onslaught maps
Version: Exion v3.00
Compatibility: UT2004 (UT2004 3270 patch required.)

Credits: George Varga (


Destroyable Onslaught maps:


Onslaught maps with Exion type "Karma" objects,
vehicles and weapons:



1. The Human Space Fighter, Skaarj Space Fighter and the Bomber planes can be also used in the game.

2. The bullet hit effects wich were made by Mr. Evil and ADS have also been integrated into the game.

3. New map: ONS-Exion-Warfare: destroyable map, with Exion type of weapons and vehicles. To own the thermal spas wich contain valuable materials destroy the enemy`s Power Core.

4. New map: ONS-Exion-WarfareClassic: destroyable map. Similar to the Warfare, but in this map you can use the classical UT2004 type of weapons and vehicles.

5. ONS-Exion-Labyrinth destroyable map. By destroying certain walls you can change or shorten the routes.

6. ONS-Exion-Gangways destroyable map. By destroying and pulling down the passages and hanging bridges, you can change the routes.

7. ONS-Exion-FrontLine destroyable map. The buildings can be used as trenches, by destroying certain walls and getting inside the buildings you can even hide from the enemy. However, if you destroy the walls of the buildings, you will have fewer trenches either for the enemy, but for your team, as well.

8. New volume regulator system.

9. The Link Gun and the Shock Rifle can be used together with the Exion type of weapons.


1. The use of Karma physics engine to move the different objects and hanging bridges realistically.
2. Destroyable enviroment.
3. The use of submachine guns, machine guns and automatic guns.
4. The shot bullets can be seen in the air.
5. The sound of the bullets when passing the players can be heard in 3D version counted in real time.
6. The sound of bullet hits and the bullet hit effects are changing depending on the materials of the objects and surfaces.
7. New vehicle sounds and exploding effects.


ONS-Exion-Warfare vehicles:

ONS-Exion-Warfare map:

New bullet hit effects:

The walls in the game can be destroyed by vehicles, as well:

Bridge before attack (ArcticStronghold):

Bridge after attack (ArcticStronghold):

Aztec map:

Exion V3.00

Considering the wish of many players, the new Exion v3.00 has been developed for
the UT2004 Onslaught game type. So, in the future the Exion map type can be available
under the Onslaught game type. After installing the new Exion, the previous
Heroes of Exion and its maps can be used completed with the new developings.

The new Exion maps (in the Onslaught game type) have two different versions.

The first is the destroyable Exion map, here most of the buildings can be knocked down
and also objects like barrels and wooden boxes will be applied which are moved by
Karma Physics engine. In these maps, the Exion type of vehicles and
weapons can be used. The names of the maps start with "ONS-Exion",
for example ONS-Exion-Warfare.

To the second type those maps belong which are not destroyable, but have the objects
moved by the Karma Physics Engine (barrels, wooden boxes) and here you can also use
the Exion type of vehicles and Exion type of weapons.
The names of the maps start with "ONS-E", as well, for example ONS-E-TDB-Aztec.

At the beginning of the game, the player has the traditional Assault Rifle weapon,
but after loading from the weapon locker, two types of telescoped, Exion Assault Rifle can be used.
If the player changes from one to another type of Exion Assault Rifle,
the original Assault Rifle is thrown, because in its place, another type gets with silencer and telescope.

The way of the fired bullets and missiles can be seen and heard (3D sound) as they are flying in the air.
This way the position of the enemy can be identified more easily in the game and the smoke after firing,
which was originally used in the case of the Classic Sniper Rifle, can be avoided.


- In the game, only the guns with bullets, rocket launchers, trench mortars, Link Gun, Shock Rifle and Target Painter can be used.

- Since the way of the fired bullets and missiles shot by the Assault Rifle (with silencer and telescope), the Assault Rifle Plus (with telescope), the Classic Sniper Rifle and other machine guns and automatic guns can be seen and heard (3D sound) as they are flying in the air. This way the position of the enemy can be identified more easily in the game.

- The sounds of the game have been revised in order to try to experience the situation of the battlefield atmosphere.

- The guns move in the players hand under the effect of the strenght of the shots (similarly to the Counter-Strike), so it is practical to fire at the enemy in short series.

- The vehicles are equipped with machine guns and automatic guns (Manta, Raptor, Scorpion).

- The Hellbender is equipped with an automatic gun, which can be handled by the driver of the vehicle.

- All the free and working vehicles can be used in the game, independently of the fact that it is in possession of the enemy or our team.

- In the maps, there are also destroyable buildings and movable barrels and boxes which can be exploded. The moveable barrels and boxes can be pushed by the player, so he can build an entrenchment from these objects, too. Because of the destroyable walls, you have a chance to manoeuvre during the game.

- The destroyable walls and buildings can be demolished by the vehicles, as well. For example, with the Goliath tank, the player can go through the destroyable wall. The walls can also be demolished by the other vehicles, but, for instance, with the Manta, it is necessary to crash the wall with a high speed in order to destroy it.

- The movements of the different mobile things (barrels, boxes, trees, hanging bridges) in the map is controlled by the Karma physics engine.

- The output of the game (framerate value) is influenced by the setting of it (Settings/Display), but the Heroes of Exion continuously controls its own effects (explosions, smoke, debris moved by the Karma physics engine...) according to the actual framerate value. Under the average 30 fps value, the game is able to represent only the minimum effects. Above this, the number, the complexity and the level of the physical modelling of the visual effects, or the number of the debris moved by the Karma physics engine (for example when a wall explodes) grow a lot.

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Heroes of Exion 1.10a UMOD

Heroes of Exion 1.10a UMOD

Full Version

This is the Heroes of Exion version 1.10a ut4mod for Unreal Tournament 2004

Exion version 300

Exion version 300

Full Version

This is the Exion version 300 in an UT4mod full package fot UT 2004

Comments  (0 - 10 of 16)

dont work the umod wont let me it say my version is 1 and it required 3186 version can you upload it to rar/zip please?! oh also my version is 3369 my version IS HEIGHER

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Use the UT2k3 umod extractor. It works for Ut2004 as well

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GeorgeV Creator

Please turn off the UAC while installing the mod. (Start > Control Panel > Users > UAC)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Damn vista UAC blocked me from using the setup, could someone convert the .ut4mod into a zip/rar file Please

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

can someone give me a direct link to the download ? i cant find it :O

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
GeorgeV Creator

Download link:

Reply Good karma+2 votes
GeorgeV Creator

Just double click on ut4mod file, the system will install new destroyable Exion maps for UT2004.
If doesn't work the automatic install, go to the "C:\Program Files\UT2004\System" (or another install) directory, then type "setup install Exion_v300.ut4mod".

You can read the "exionreadme.txt" manual in the "UT2004\Help" directory:

"Double click on the downloaded EXION_v300.UT4MOD file. If it does not work,
you need to run the installation process manually using the „setup install
Exion_v300.ut4mod” command in the UT2004\SYSTEM directory."

Reply Good karma+2 votes

when i download it i just get this exion_300.ut2mod file that i cant do anything with plz help i wanna blow up bridges too

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

make the bridge fully destroyable and put the location that you have to take on the ground.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
GeorgeV Creator

Exion Onslaught Maps v3.00 released with new maps, with Human Space Fighter, Skaarj Space Fighter, Bomber planes and with the new bullet hit effects.


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