Don't forget to check out the Patreon page for regular updates! ||| Status: In development/demo releases for testing. ||| Hedon is an entirely original game (running on GZDoom Engine) designed by me (broadly known online as "Zan"), throughout the years, first as a concept/fantasy world, and thanks to the Doom modding community - an actual thing in the works. I'm an artist/fresh game dev who aims to go for as much original content as I can, including graphics (which I entirely draw from scratch in Photoshop), level design, coding, story, sound effects etc. in order to create a whole new game which tries to revive the long lost art of FPS design.

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The 8th map is now finished, and new features are in!

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Hedon's at 0.8.a Now

I'm already working with the dedicated tester/patreon feedback I've been getting these days, but yes, the 8th map of Hedon, "Pale Wind" is out and getting the polish.

This map will take the player to a whole new environment - the icy mountain heights culminating with a remote Dwarven Fortress. And yes, the Dwarves have been furthered in their design - perhaps a bit overkill for this one map appearance - but I think world building is a very important aspect which reflects upon the gameplay itself.

ConceptDwarvenFaction Small

Map08 - Pale Wind

The map itself starts on a chill tone with a focus on atmosphere and exploration but in the second half it ramps up in difficulty by keeping ammo and other supplies scarce (which goes fairly well with the frozen wasteland theme). All this while you have to take over a Fortress chock full of Cultists and Demons who don't intend to give it up very easily.

If you want to try it before everyone else, as always, it's up on Patreon.


Difficulty Update

As some of you may know, Hedon's employed modifier-based difficulties. So far, difficulty levels accounted for the ammo/health/armor factor that you'd pick up, but this has changed with the recent difficulty reworks.

Hedon's introducing yet another retro shooter feature - hand placed items/monsters depending on difficulty. Yep, each and every map now has custom drops based on the difficulty you play on, so for example if you play it on Casual (lowest difficulty) you'll be finding more health and ammo drops laying around, and there will be less enemies in trickier areas. On Hardcore (4th difficulty) you'll now get to further test your survival skills by stumbling upon less stuff in the open and having to find secrets and explore in order to stay fully ammo-fed.

The most interesting, however, is Brutalizing (5th difficulty) which downright alters the gameplay, adding many new monsters (and tougher monsters show up earlier on, as well as the heavy weapons needed to dispatch them). Certain normally peaceful/atmospheric areas are now populated, there are many extra spawns and in general, the gameplay shifts towards proper carnage.

Here's a look at the final battle from the Forge level, done cleanly with the help of few Sentry turrets.


Quite the mess, huh?

New Soundtracks & Patreon Rewards

Akhzul is back with more original tracks. Go check them out!

...and of course, new Patreon rewards are in!


Thanks for all the support! More to come!


Impresive, I like it. Keep goin

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Zan_HedonDev Author

Definitely will, thank you!

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This game looks better each update.

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Looking good. I know I've said it before, but I really dig the aesthetic you have going here.

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Map08 was defintly one of my favorite maps you done for the project, as i really enjoy ice cold levels like this.

With the direction i seen so far, im very glad to support this project.

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Zan_HedonDev Author

Thank you all for the comments!

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