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Hello everyone, I am AlgerianGeneral, lead developer of the "Hearts of Iron Modern War Mod", previously known as "Modern Warfare Mod" for both Hearts of Iron III and IV.

The mod has been in development since June 2016, however progress was rather slow as the old team had almost no time to work on it, all that changed in September 2016, as PlayerHOI resigned from the team, we have taken over the mod (with his permission of course) and continued working on it, I can proudly say we have done a lot, and we are rather close from the first Closed Alpha.

The mod's goal is to move the clock a bit to modern times, exactly to January 1st, 2000. you could play as any country you want, either as a major such as the Russian Federation, the United States or even the People's Republic of China, or play as a secondary power and build your way up.
The mod will put heavy emphasis on realism, war declarations will be less frequent, you could get discovered while developing your nuclear program or getting sanctioned by the UNSC and much more to come.

The mod will overhaul almost everything, from the countries to the events, from the tech trees to units work and behave, from stats to Easter eggs. We hope to continue the Modern Warfare legacy and bring the best Modern day experience for the community

Meet the Dev team:

- AlgerianGeneral
- Murphy
- Random815 (aka Alex)
- PrinceKoala

Wanna help?
There are many ways you could help us, either with ideas and suggestions. or better yet help us with the following:

  • 3D modelling : We currently need a 3D modeler who has experience with rigging and converting simple formats (.obj or .3ds) onto the format used by Clausewitz (Pretty sure Paradox have published a plugin for that).
  • Coding : "Two hands are better then one", even tho our team is rather decently experienced, we still need more men on deck, mainly to do regular stuff such as coding events, designing focus trees, tweaking the GUI and similar random tasks.
  • 2D GFX designer : I've done my best to rework the UI, however there are thousands of textures to do, and so I'd really appreciate some help, having Photoshop would actually help the process a lot.

For any who is interested in joining our team, or just spend some time with us, you could join our discord channel (the link is down below), myself I am over there almost 24/7.

Wanna help?
Here's our discord channel, I'm usually active over there.

Wanna Cooperate?
Sure, we could help each other out; share ideas and some coding tricks if you may. I'm always open to help the others and vice versa. everyone has a weakness point after all.

Small note:
We haven't posted anything on Moddb just yet, as things are still WIP. However you could visit our discord channel (The announcments channel to be accurate) that's where the magic happens, you could scroll up and see the current progress on the mod.

Thank you for your time,

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Dev Diary #4

News 19 comments

Good afternoon everyone,

And here's the long awaited Dev Diary 4 (and the first Dev Diary on the paradox forums!)
We've been working hard on the tech trees, their appropriate GFXs and so on, remember that this is all WIP and subject to changes according to the feedback we'll be getting. and so if you see something wrong that needs to be fixed, just tell us in the comments section,

Sorry for not posting the tech trees, as I didn't have access to WiFi recently, I'll edit the post and upload them as soon as I can.

However I will explain how the trees will behave:

Infantry will have a bunch of kinds of equipment such as rifles, light machine guns, general purpose MGs, ATGMs and Anti tank rockets, in addition to MANPADs. all of these are separate trees and separate equipment, as we believe that would make more sense and give the player much more choices when choosing the respective equipment for his forces, with the possibility of making variants for each of these (Compact versions of the AK-74 such as the AK-74U for your paratroopers for example)

Land vehicles tree:
This one's a bit tricky, since we still didn't figure out how to simulate certain variants such as light tanks, or AT APCs or these unique BMP-Ts. However the tree is there: we have MBTs, IFVs, APCs, Infantry mobility vehicles (think Humvee) and trucks.

We are currently working on the sub techs (how SPGs worked in vanilla, as a small square in the corner pretty much) That will include airborne IFVs like the Russian BMD series; Heavy SAMs like the Patriots or S-400s; Medium SAMs on different chassis like the BUK-Ms or the Pantsir S1 and more.

Aerial tech trees:
This one only needs small refinement, We went with different kinds of fighters: Multi-role and Air Superiority fighters, each with their own pros and cons, and their own Carrier based variants (that's a subject for another Dev Diary)
In addition to CAS, Strike fighters,Interceptors and UCAVs.

The air tree was split into two parts, Heavy and light air frames. The Heavy air frames tree contain Strategic bombers such as the B-52 "Stratofortress" or the Tu-22M3 "Backfire". Maritime Patrol Aircrafts (MPAs) such as the P-3 "Orion". as for Air transport, they'll be classified into 3 types:

  • Strategic Airlift : Such as the C-5 "Galaxy" or the An-124 "Ruslan"
  • Strategic/Tactical Airlift : C-17 "Globemaster III" or the Il-76 "Candid"
  • Tactical Airlift : C-130 "Hercules" or the An-22 family

Tactical airlift planes will have a rather special variant: Gunships such as the AC-130 "Specter II", as for AWACS and Mid-air refuelers, those will require some brainstorming on how to simulate their effect.

Naval tech trees:
just like the air tech tree, The Naval tree is split into two tabs:

  • Escorts :

It mainly includes Frigates, Corvettes and Missile boats (Fast attack crafts) , In addition to Conventional Attack subs (SSKs), Nuclear attack subs (SSNs), and Nuclear missile subs (SSBNs/SSGNs)

  • Capital vessels:

Capital vessels includes Destroyers (DDGs), Guided missile cruisers (CGs) in addition to the Guided missile Battle-cruisers, you could find Aircraft carriers, in addition to LPDs and LHAs.
Nuclear propulsion will be a sub variant for Destroyers, Cruisers, battle-cruisers in addition to aircraft carriers and possibly LHAs.

And without any further ado here's some screenshots

That's all for this time folks, hopefully I'll start my new YouTube channel soon, with Audiovisual Dev Diaries, Multiplayer matches, Strategy gaming and most importantly hearing me while I ramble.

See y'all in the next Dev Diary. Don't forget to join our community on Discord here .

AlgerianGeneral signing out...

New members needed!

New members needed!


A short post where we will talk about which people do we need on our team.

Happy new year!

Happy new year!

News 27 comments

A small post where I talk about the mod, the progress and the near future.

Dev Diary #3.5

Dev Diary #3.5

News 2 comments

a semi Dev Diary for all of you guys to read and umm .... things! We're also hiring new members!

Dev Diary #3

Dev Diary #3

News 9 comments

In this third Dev Diary, we will talk about various things...

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Is mod dead or what? I am really exited for an Modern Day mod that is not Millenium Dawn piece of sh*t.

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Not dead.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

yeah the mod is dead

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Also want to ask is it possible to download an possible early alpha version with no focuses just with countries for me and others to mess things up?

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any new news about the mod?

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How i understand, mod dead?
Deleted in Steam, dont renewing news here.
Author of mod - if you reading this, i want to ask - can i use this mod? I would like when would have free time, to develope it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
Algerian_General Creator

Answer is no, the mod is still being developed. I'm just not posting stuff on moddb or steam workshop but rather on our discord channel. if u want u can check by yourself on discord

Reply Good karma+5 votes

also twittur :P

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