New version 1.4 is out!

Kill all those evil headcrabs! Get the highest score!


  • You start game with 5 lives. Every time you die, you may respawn, until your lives are zero. If they are, the game ends.
  • When you kill 40 headcrabs, you gain extra health points.
  • When you kill 100 headcrabs, you gain extra life.
  • Your health is regenerating with the rate of 2 hp/sec. The faster you move, the faster the regeneration process is.
  • Maximum number of alive headcrabs increases over the time.
  • Headcrabs' health and damage increases over the time also!
  • Killing several headcrabs very fast results in a COMBO!
  • Combo temporarily increases you crowbar's damage, the higher is combo - the longer is increase.
  • When you kill headcrabs, you gain "frenzy". Combos give additional "frenzy" points.
  • If your "frenzy" is full, you may activate it with reload key, and do 16x damage!
  • First crowbar swing does full damage, subsequent do the half.
  • Secondary attack of the crowbar is more powerful, but is slower. The amount of "frenzy" points got for killing by such attack, depends on weapon's upgrade value. If the secondary attack doesn't kill a headcrab, it pushes him away. It is also possible to push away other players!
  • Every minute your crowbar is slightly upgraded - it does more damage and "frenzy" mode lasts for a longer time.
  • If you kill headcrab tracking you with anything but you crowbar, you get an extra score!


  • Ladder - different headcrab types are spawned sequentially.
  • Random - all headcrab types are spawned randomly. Ladder mode goes into this mode after all types are spawned.


  • Invulnerability - player is physically invulnerable for all damage types.
  • Invisibility - headcrabs don't attack a player although still track him.
  • Regeneration - health regeneration is 3 times faster (6 hp/sec).
  • Lightning – while attacking, the crowbar periodically makes an electric discharge to the nearest target. The discharge has chain effect stacking up to 8 targets.

Powerups last for 20 seconds. They respawn in 1 min plus-minus several seconds in a single player game. There may be powerups of the certain type on maps, or a random powerup - it may be different on every respawn. Server may turn powerups off or tweak their respawn times.


There are 4 maps in the mod. After completing a level and learning the score, press Space in several seconds, and there would be a map change.


In a singleplayer mode, your highest scores are saved locally. High scores are stored individually for each map, game type and difficulcy level (Easy, Medium, Hard).


Start the game after all players are in. It also can be restarted (using a hcf_restart command). To restart an internet server, use a spectator vote system (press DUCK, then VOTES, then select a restart vote in the menu).


Your multiplayer score is published on statistics server (only if you play on a public server, see below). Player is identified by his Steam ID.
Statistics is available at:


Please vote for the mod on Steam Greenlight!

Protocol: Half-Life
Mod version: 1.4
VAC: enabled

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What is Headcrab Frenzy?

Headcrab Frenzy is a dynamic action game which allows you to quench a desire to destroy these little bouncy critters to your heart's content, hold records and try your hand at cooperative gameplay, competing in public statistics. Two game modes, four maps, several headcrab types and gradually increasing "frenzy" scale which can be periodically vent - that's the crux of the mod. Is it casual? There is no doubt. But that's not so simple. To achieve high results and score more points you'll have to resort to various tricks: make combos, ensnare headcrabs, use power-ups (there are four in the game), and prevent other players from scoring, pushing them away by a secondary attack of your crowbar. Each map has its own tricks. By discovering them, you'll find out more ways to get high scores and take the first place in tournament tables!

Win32 Headcrab Frenzy! 1.4 (Win32 Version)
Linux Headcrab Frenzy! 1.4 (Linux Version)

What's new in version 1.4?

Version 1.4 is a serious rework of previous versions with lots of alterations and improvements.

  • Three new headcrab types: ice, electric, and hallucinogenic. Ice headcrab slows a player down ("freezes" him) - the former effect of a poisonous headcrab (which now adds a screen rolling effect). Electric headcrab has a passive range ability of attacking all the players by a lightning discharge. Hallucinogenic headcrab makes players experience hallucinations for 10 seconds (do you remember TFC?)
  • Secondary attack of the crowbar now gives more frenzy points depending on its upgrade status (upgrage is automatic). Besides, the secondary attack allows to push away headcrabs and, the more important thing, other players! Use this ability to kick your parties away from hitting the high spots if they score too much. But don't forget about the team score.
  • Added an ability to control statinary turrets, introduced on a new map, hcf_range.
  • New power-up - Lightning – while attacking, the crowbar (or turret) periodically makes an electric discharge to the nearest target. The discharge has chain effect stacking up to 8 targets.
  • Health regeneration now depends on player speed that prompts to run around the map and not "camping".
  • Disbalance of the Invisibility power-up was obvious - headcrabs ignored the player and prevented to score. Now they still chase the player - but don't attack.
  • Added in-game monitors with creeping lines displaying an actual information about the match.
  • With a server time limit set, players see a HUD timer in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Network code was seriously optimized for the internet gameplay (traffic is now about two times less).
  • Also lots of minor fixes and balance tweaks.

New amazing graphics!

A new mod from the author of Half-Life FX, and no graphic enhancements? This seems to be impossible, especially in 2014! Most of these effects work under native Half-Life renderers: Software, OpenGL, and Direct3D (in an obsolete WON version).

  • Support of high-resolution textures and decals (OpenGL, Direct3D).
  • Texture scripts introducing such effects as shiny glass and ducts, swaying flags, etc. (OpenGL, Direct3D).
  • Automatic glare effect for light sources - bloom analog (Software, OpenGL, Direct3D).
  • Dynamic 3D text rendering in creeping lines (Software, OpenGL, Direct3D).
  • Procedural water similar to that in a software renderer (OpenGL).
  • Screen-space raytraced reflections (SSRR) - popular modern effect, requires a video card with shader version 3.0 or higher (OpenGL).
  • Also, explosions and blood effects were slightly improved.

Linux support

There is full Linux support! You can play Headcrab Frenzy under Linux if you have a native Linux version of Half-Life. The mod was tested under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and ran perfectly. Well, Headcrab Frenzy is now officially cross-platform.

Official server

You can play on the official Headcrab Frenzy internet server. Address is: (HL
Results of matches completed are published on the statistics page.

What's next?

We are very interested in and grateful for any user comments and opinions regarding Headcrab Frenzy. If you have any suggestions, bug reports, or general comments about it, don't hesitate to post them on our ModDB Profile page. And, if you would like to see this mod on Greenlight... let us know!

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Headcrab Frenzy! 1.4 (Linux)

Headcrab Frenzy! 1.4 (Linux)

Full Version

This is a full version of Headcrab Frenzy! 1.4 mod. The mod is fully compatible with the latest Half-Life Linux version

Headcrab Frenzy! 1.4 (Win32)

Headcrab Frenzy! 1.4 (Win32)

Full Version

This is a full version of Headcrab Frenzy! 1.4 mod. The mod is fully compatible with old WON version of Half-Life and all the new versions, including...

Headcrab Frenzy! 1.3 beta Source Code

Headcrab Frenzy! 1.3 beta Source Code

Source Code

This is a full source code for Headcrab Frenzy mod, version 1.3 beta. It is provided in the hope that it will be useful for modding community. This source...

Headcrab Frenzy! Mapping SDK (old version 1.3)

Headcrab Frenzy! Mapping SDK (old version 1.3)

Mapping Tool 2 comments

Mapping SDK contains FGD file, brief entity description and official map sources.

Headcrab Frenzy! (old version 1.3)

Headcrab Frenzy! (old version 1.3)

Full Version 3 comments

Headcrab Frenzy! 1.3 This package contains both client files (to play the mod) and server files (to create a server, including Linux dedicated server).

Comments  (0 - 10 of 54)

Hi Headcrab Frenzy fans. I've gotten tired of not being able to reliably find games for old Gold Source (GoldSrc, HL1, Half Life 1) mods or Source (Half Life 2, HL2) mods, so I made a discord about just that. We have a Headcrab Frenzy section and like 90 other sections for every multiplayer mod you can think of. We are cooperating with all of their various communities and play a voted for mod of the week every Saturday and Sunday.

Come check us out.

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Now little bugs afraid of you!

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I did a review of this mod some time ago, please feel free to use the footage as you see fit! Keep up the good work!
-DoItAll YT

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Have you considered releasing the graphical improvements as a separate mod? I would really like to use them in original Half-Life, especially the procedural water like in software. That's something I miss from software mode a lot.

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Now that it has been greenlit, you'll give the version 1.4 on steam?

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There will be version 1.5 on steam, with two new maps, achievement system and some gameplay adjustments.
And thanks for your vote. :)

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I like the concept of your mod, it also shows a lot of professionalism.

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Added mod to Greenlight. Please, support it!

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