A Zombie Survival Half-Life Mod The Infected are everywhere. Everything you know has been destroyed. Friends and family are infected or missing. Do you have what it takes to survive in an undead world?

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In response to Hazard's arcade gameplay, a new mode is starting development.

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Hazard: The Plague - Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode is a new mode with new weapons, and more realistic elements.

1.New Weapons

Hazard has many weapons, but most are not varied. This mode has less weapons, but with greater variation between weapons. Each weapon will have specific properties that make it ideal in certain combat situations.

2.Realistic Player Character

You aren't superhuman anymore. With Hardcore mode, it is much harder to control recoil, player moves at realistic speeds and can only sprint short distances. A single scratch from a zombie will cause the player to die if an antidote is not found. As soon as a zombie hits the player, the player becomes infected and his health is drained at 1 hp/sec. Additional hits will not increase this rate, but will decrease player's health and reset the counter. First Aid kits can prolong your life once infected, but unless you find enough to survive 100 seconds, you will die. Antidotes are few and far between, so choose your battles wisely.

3.Survival-Horror Elements

While Hazard will always be an action game at heart, added elements make ammo conservation more important than ever. The new damage and infection system makes it necessary to run sometimes.

Remember: All feedback and suggestions help a lot so if you have any ideas, or don't like part of the new mode, please comment!


I've got A suggestion, add A Resident Evil style inventory.

EDIT: Also are there any plans on making this open source?

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OsirisGodoftheDead Author

We have considered an inventory like that before, only problem is something like that is difficult to create In HL. People like Minuit have done it, but they have much more experience than us.

We have planned to release the source code for hazard since the beginning, so that it can help other people who want to make mods, we only ask that credit is given if it is used.

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Level systems and weapons in the game experience you bring to the property would help you in the zombie map. Games I've tested recently. Was a good idea to put bags of cement. Such a beautiful game, adds color to ideas.

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I support mb77 idea and also one of my ideas can be that you can add Zombie Mod, but it has no be multiplayer and with 4 new Zombies and Humans have some advantages(Like... Double damage)

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