Evolutions is a "Halo Wars" style mod for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that features epic ground and air warfare on a massive scale. Evolutions brings many instruments of war from the Halo universe to life, allowing the player to fight as the Covenant or the UNSC in epic battles based on iconic Halo locales.

RSS Bug and art fixes and more bugs

with every update we make to our internal build we are fixing issue's but also finding more issue's. None the less this motivate us to deliver you a product you'll enjoy.

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Welcome to another update for Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved as you maybe have read from the summary we are working hard to deliver a product you'll enjoy, one that respect's the Halo universe and one that give's you hours of enjoyment.

As you already know we have a trello page where we show you on what we are working on and what we already have done.

Now just like with every game development project fixing things doesnt come with just fixing bugs, sometimes you encounter new one's, so if you are following our trello page you maybe have seen we added some extras to the list and if you haven't notice them being added then you know about it now.

During the development some models are updated or having been redone like the Grizzly Tank and the Light Vehicle factory model, together with the barracks that have been asked years ago.

Since we announced that we are searching for voice actors, we got some auditions and added them to the corresponding unit, however not all of our units got a VO so we are here again asking you, our fans / followers to give it a try. Line's that are done are marked in red and those who are are still in white are open for auditions. If you think you got the right voice for one of your favorite unit please give it a try, so head over to our google spreadsheet where we have our line's for both the UNSC and Covenant. you can send your auditions to Official363productions@gmail.com

Before we end this article we thank you for your patience and that you all are sticking with us for 7 long years, you guys are the reason why we are doing this and cant wait to release Evolutions: RTS Evolved to the public to see and hear what you guys think of this mod.

See you guys again with our next article and update's.


That's great to hear! I can't wait. ;)

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It makes me smile how a lot of the marine dialog is lines from similar units in previous C&C games :3

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The ODST/SMG, and Marine Marksman need to have more emotion behind their deliveries. They just sounded way too relaxed/lazy (Not insulting the guys doing the acting btw), the voices themselves are good, just need to practice on delivery.

I know this is an old post and this is all still WIP, I just want you guys to be the best out there! Good Luck!

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