First there was HalfQuake. Then there was HalfQuake Amen. Lastly there was HalfQuake Sunrise. Then, a new person took the HalfQuake torch, and spun it on it's head. Welcome to HalfQuake Repainted. HalfQuake Repainted or HQ:RE is a 'repaint' of the HalfQuake trilogy, my full intent with this mod is to make it like a combination of a serious mod, Crack-Life, and HalfQuake itself, so people will want to see what comes next in this retrain- I mean train ride. (I have asked Muddasheep for permission to do this mod.)

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Real Life Update

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Hey Sadists! The Teenager returns from his slumber again to give you all news!



Anyways, guys. Let's hop away from some of the joke for a moment. Most of you know already if you're in the Halfquake Discord but development has been slow thanks to real life issues. Mostly my father's level 4 cancer that he's fighting right now and all the overdue lessons I've racked up on school. I was forced out to my grandparent's so I couldn't update my game at all so...that's wonderful.


I wish I could do more but it seems like my demo will be released some time during Summer. A thing that isn't rushed that has quality is better than a rushed thing that is barely playable.

I could always get a teaser out to appease you guys if you want, I've been meaning to show you all a new video update on my mod.

I don't really have much else to say right now so...

Thank you all for supporting, I hope you all have a great day and try to not get sick.

Until we meet again.

- The Teenager

Bug Fixes!

Bug Fixes!


Some previews of the new content that's being added and some extra stuff, also a apologize for the delay.



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